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Sewn in weave by african hair braiding shop?

.I want to get weave sewn into my hair by the African hair braiding shop. Has anyone ever had a sew in from the africans? How much did it cost, how long did it take to do, and how long did it last?


  1. Sorry to say, but you question sounded a little racist. It shouldnt matter who weaves your hair, as long as they know how to do it. You didnt need to ask whether africans knew how to do weaves, because if there store says they can do them, then they can do them...Anyways, sorry for my ranting. But it usually cost cost 70 and up, depending on they hair you want to use. It usually takes about 4 hours max, because of the cornrow braiding at first, then the weaving, then the styling. And also again, depending on the hair you get determines how long it last. Human hair last longer overall, to around 2 months. Never get synthetic. Expensive human hair = longer lasting hair. Inexpensive = short lasting hair. Hope this helped.
  2. they're actually cheaper than a normal salon but u really need to go to salonvoice.com and ask any question about black hair, etc it works just like yahoo answers