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Do asian hairstyles work on white people hair?

.I just got my hair cut very short, but it didn't come out in the style I wanted and I absolutely hate it. I'm getting another haircut at a different place tomorrow so they can try to "fix" it, but other than cutting in a few more layers there's really nothing they can do without going even shorter. The last picture on this web page is KIND OF what it looks like now: http://www.hairstyless.org/short-korean-bob-haircuts-2013/ With a little more styling I could probably get my hair to look like those pictures. But the problem is, as judging by the title, I'm white and those are asian hairstyles. Caucasian and asian hair is very different, and I'm scared it won't come out right and my hair will be further messed up. I just need to fix this pronto, because I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror ._.


  1. u have to go to asian salon or asian guy to do that. american hair style can't cut like what u want. it's better u go cut ur hair with japanese, chinese, korean guy. u will get what u like. appologize with my bad english.