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Where can I get a prom hairstyle YouTube link?

.I need a hairstyle for school prom hairstyle for Wednesday. I don't want a hairstyle that include curling my hair. Please help me out...


  1. This girl bebexo http://www.youtube.com/user/bebexo?feature=g-user-lik she has tons of cute hairstyles that don't include curling.
  2. hahahaha... that is funny. Sorry, but not everything is on YooToob. You gotta look in better places. And what is wrong with your local salon? You can have a consultation [normally at no charge in most salons] with a qualified professional hair stylist and get some ideas from them. But I think almost every style is going to require just a little bit of work, either curling or pinning or something. Just letting your hair hang down is not that attractive.