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What are some cute prom hairstyles for medium length hair?

.If anyone has any websites that would be helpful for this, I'm struggling with finding a preferably curly and down prom hairstyle. I might want some of it pulled up, though. Thanks!


  1. I would get GARNIAE FRUTICS curl scruncher, and make short beachy bobbs!
  2. http://www.hairstyles.info/articles/your-perfect-prom-hairstyle/
  3. You could get bangs and have it pulled up into ponytail and curled. or you can turn it into a bob. you can put it in a bun and have curles in the front (not thick curles). you should try googling hair styles.
  4. I do not have a website, but I have a cute but yet formal way that I ware my hare some times. Step one- If you do not have curly hare curl it over nite by putting it in braids wen your hare is wet. Step two- Wen you get up or wen you get ready to style it take the braids out and it will be wavy. Step three- pull one layre of hare up and put it in a pony tale. I use a pink sparkly pony tale holder with two thick bow like things on it that I got at target. Step four- spray it with a low hold hare spray. Step five- Go to the prom!! Hope this helps Have a good time!
  5. check the links below for beauty tips to:-- * Prom Hairstyles http://geebal.blogspot.com/2007/11/prom-hairstyle-tips.html