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What do Black people think when they see a White girl wearing Black hairstyles?

.I mean natural hairstyles like cornrows, locs, kinky twists, braids and head wraps. I'm White and I love Black hairstyles. They're so intricate and well, pretty. Plus cornrows always make my scalp feel good. I just wondered though how Black people see it when a White kid is wearing something that is theirs. Is it bad or disrespectful? Or is viewed as ok and just another hairstyle?


  1. I don't see that, but I really wouldn't care I'm too busy with my fiance and career to worrying about someones hair.
  2. really dont care hair is hair.
  3. It's just hair styles. I see black women with Asian hair styles. I don't think it would upset anyone black.
  4. Locs on white people don't look right to me. Other than that, I don't care. I think its a bit odd, but I don't think its ugly or anything. Its not like black women don't straighten their hair.
  5. i think its so pretty, i find it more so than on blacks, my reason is because its rare to see it so i find it more attractive, and for someone who isnt black to get it says a lot to me about their personality, meaning that they are more open to a veriety of lifestyles. its like seeing an asian in the deepest parts of africa ha
  6. lmaooooooo.baby girl that is not disrepectful.wear it.it you just might get looked at a few times honestly, because you hardly see blacks with those styles anymore.w/e, its an honor you'd want to wear an african hair style.(not really but w/e)
  7. I don't care too much...Black women have worn me out with the discussions about Black hair and Black women, natural vs. relaxed, self hate vs. beautifying. I'm so sick of hair. All I care about is ME.
  8. Looks Stupid! She should act like a white girl...QUIT BEING A WANNABEE!! LOL
  9. you're damned if you want to wear their hairstyles you're damned if you don't want to wear their hairstyles. White people will never be right with blacks. Most of them hate white people and will find a reason no matter what... P.S. You will look stupid if you wear your hair in cornrows.
  10. You are weird