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How do you sleep on curly hairstyles so you don't make the curls flat?

.I am trying to get a curly hairstyle, but I don't know how to sleep on it so the curls won't get flat the next day... If you have any tips on how to keep they curls full and such, please feel free to give your input..,


  1. sleep on your stomach
  2. My daughter has big loopy curls. I loosely braid her hair in one or two braids and they seem to come out ok in the morning. If she looks a little poufy then I spritz with leave in conditioner.
  3. my mom does it all the time will be un-cofy you tie a scaf around your haer /abdanna and you sleep worksk everytime
  4. tie it loosely very high up and try to stay on one side all night
  5. Get a Clip and clip ur hair up and sleep on ur stomache that's workin 4 me
  6. It's next to impossible, especially if you're sleeping on wet hair. NEVER go to sleep with your curls wet- if you must shower before going to sleep, do so a few hours before so that the hair can fully dry first and put in more gel (or whatever other holding product you use) than you would ordinarily so that your hair gets that "crispy" feeling. (Yeah- the one everyone's always trying to avoid.) Avoid "scrunching" it then until the morning, (the extra gel will have held the curls in place better and it will have loosened up by the morning.) Also, buying a pillowcase out of some satin-like material will help. Or, if you want to waste less money on the hair product, just shower in the morning and let it air-dry. It's easier. =P
  7. Try to pin curl them...I know that sound tedius but maybe it will work. Use bobby pins and just pin them up. Wear a silk scarf and try not to move around a lot when you sleep. Other than that it's kind of hard. Good luck!