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Why do black women copy caucasian male hairstyles?

.I've noticed that the short hairstyles of black women are the same as those of white men. Why? Is a hairstyle just a hairstyle? Or is there something more beneath the scalp?


  1. Maybe they are butch lesbos you'll never know
  2. Because black women look good in them. While white women can't even pull off braids or any afrocentric hair style...
  3. Are you stupid?
  4. oh would you just die already, tired of waiting.
  5. It's the other way around. White men copy EVERYTHING from blacks for instance: 1. Country music (copy of the Blues) 2. White slang suddenly has black slang words such as "bling" or "playa" or "bro" etc. 3. White men pressure white women to look like black women...that's why many tan to get darker, inject implants in their behinds, get collagen in their lips and get bust enhancements so that white men can create a carbon copy of black women without looking foolish. Also, black women mainly perm their hair, leave it natural, wear braids, etc. Oh you mean SHORT hairstyles? http://www.jamati.com/online/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/estelle-swaray.jpg http://thelatest.co.uk/7/files/2009/01/estelle-2.jpg http://images.starpulse.com/Photos/Previews/Fantasia-Barrino-sb01.jpg You've seen white men walking around looking like that? Must be transsexuals or pre-op white men who saw the styles of black women, liked it and got the hairdresser to make them over so that they can attract black men. Sorry, I'm not interested, I prefer black women.
  6. That's interesting. Maybe for the same reasons white women do it.