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How do I get my hair like this?

.this is how i would like to do it but im not sure how. http://hotwallpaper2013.com/celebrity/selena-gomez-long-hairstyles-2013-hd-wallpaper.html/attachment/selena-gomez-long-hairstyles-2013-hd-wallpaper


  1. Proffesional blow-out
  2. Get your hair layered, part it in the middle, use a big barreled curling iron and wrap the hair away from your face. Spray on texturizer and muss it up with your fingers.
  3. Ok guurl, first off if your hair isn't that color dye it light brown,second of all that's hair extensions a lot of it . There real hair extensions so that's real hair. With real hair extensions u can crimp,cut,dye,wash,curl,and straiten it. She has some parts of her hair curled . So a lot of that isn't her hair.
  4. you should talk to a especialist
  5. Everyone's hair is different and needs to be worked differently to get a style. What might be easy for someone will be very hard for you or vice versa. The lesson I have learned is that you have to learn how to work with your hair and practice.
  6. Easy! Curl your hair away from your face with a straightener (see link below) and then run your fingers through it to break up the curls. :)