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What are some alternative hairstyles I could try?

.I have just past hip length layered silver hair and it is naturally straight as a dye. I used to have the right side of my head shaved, so basically an undercut, but it's grown out a bit now so it just falls down straight again. Anyway, I've tried putting my hair in a 'bow bun', but it's far too long to do any more, I've tried just leaving it down, but I have side swept bangs that annoy me in terms of leaving it down alot. I want to try a really alternative hairstyle, but I refuse to cut my hair, so any suggestions?


  1. You are lucky that you have long hair..because you can try up with different hairstyles..just like any celebrity..just check out this amazing blog..thedivodiaries...an also i m attaching a link for different hairstyle that you can try up. http://thedivodiaries.blogspot.in/2013/05/divo-style-files-priyanka-chopra.html