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What is the best way to tell a hairstylist what i want?

.I've always been really bad about explaining what I want to hairstylists when I go to get a hair cut, and I've always had pretty bad hair cuts. Basically what I say is I want it cut so that my bangs are just over my eyes, then I want the sides to be about an inch lower, then I want the back an inch lower, kind of a gradual lengthening as it goes back. A layered kind of look i guess. And then I want it all thinned out a bit because I have naturally thick hair and it kind of bulges out and looks really dome like. But they always look really confused with the information I give them, and never quite get what I'm looking for. Am I not being direct enough? not enough detail, etc? I've /heard its good to bring in pictures but i can't find exactly one that looks like what I want. Would they be able to understand better if I came in with this picture:http://www.telegraphpk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Mens-medium-hairstyles-January-2013-4.jpg and say i want it a little shorter in the front, and about that length in the back, and it be in between the two in the middle? Any advice would be great. Thanks!


  1. take a picture
  2. Bring some photos! Even with the best description you could end up with misunderstanding. Discuss what you like about the photo and how you want to apply it to your hair.
  3. if you brought in that picture and said that's what you wanted but a little shorter in the bangs you would easily get what you were looking for. as a hairstylist, i also would have no idea what you were wanting based on your description. pictures are always best.
  4. Pictures are always a great way to show the style you want. Ask them before they start if they can do it and be firm. Tell them that it needs to be just what you ask for, and if they're unable to do it that you'll go somewhere else. Remember, you have to live with the style for months before redoing it again. You should most definitely walk out happy of your new look and not, Ill wait for it to grow back out to restart.