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Natural Black Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. Any tips on where to find black natural hairstyles for women?

    What are some good hair products to use on natural black hair? B&B lotion does well for me.

  2. How can i get my natural african-american hair to be like this using hair products?

    I see people with this hairstyle all the time but i have no idea how to get my hair to stay this way. hen i braid my hair then unbraid it it stays like this but afterwards (in a hour or two) it gets turnns into an afro. PLEASE HELP! HERES THE PIC: http://memyhairandthecity.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Natural-black-hairstyles-3.jpg

  3. What are some cute, fun hairstyles for a 13 year old girl?

    I have natural black hair that's a little bit below shoulder length and a round, babyish face. I'm Asian, 4'10, and wear glasses if that helps. A nice, cute hairstyle would be great. I would prefer it to be medium length, not too long but not that short either. I like bangs too. :D All suggestions are much welcomed and appreciated. Descriptions are great, pictures and links to websites are better.

  4. How would I get my hair like this?

    Is it twisted a certain way? Cut short? http://www.hairstyles53.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/natural-black-women-hairstyles.jpg My hair's fairly medium length when straightened, about to the shoulders, but I'm tired of wearing it straight down with ugly bangs. I've had it in braids for a while, and I was wondering if this would require cutting it.

  5. What are some cool rocker hairstyles for long hair?

    I am having spirit week in my school and one of those days the theme is rocker. So I have natural black hair and it is a little below my shoulder. I don't want to cut it because this is only for one day. So please give me some ideas on what I can do with my hair because I have no clue. -ddl

  6. What hairstyle should an 7th grader get?

    i have long brown hair with natural black and gold highlights i luv to keep it straight... but maybe sumthin new u kno for bad hairdays and such, cute buns would be cool too.. im also hoping for a boyfriend so maybe sum one could tell me wat a guy in middle school likes?? include pics and directions if u can :)

  7. Will short layers on long hair make you look scene?

    I have natural black hair reaching just above my stomach. I'd consider it pretty long but yeah. ANYWAYS, I really want quite short thick layers going down to really long layers, but at the same time I don't want to look like a scene/emo girl? I just want short layers so I can add a TINY bit of volume because I hate my hair being flat. Is it possible to get that hairstyle without looking scene. If you've got any pictures that have this hairstyle can give me the link? Thank you!

  8. What is a good drug store dye to turn hair from naturally black to blonde?

    I have natural curly black hair and I want to dye it blonde myself to save money instead of going to a shop. Which dyes work the best with minimal damage? Thanks