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Long Black Hair Styles Questions Answered!

  1. I need a hairstyle that could work for long black hair and no bangs, Suggestions?

    I have long black hair and no bangs. I'm half filippino so I have that kind of hair. I don't ever want to cut my hair so could anyone suggest what kind of hairstyles I should try out? by the way, my style is like punk/emo so i don't want to try hairstyles like Pompadour, up-do's, french braids, pigtails and stuff like that. PLEASE HELP.

  2. Need a picture of an anime girl with black hair wearing an old style suit?

    She needs to have long black hair and and old suit. The suit jacket b should have two coat tails. She needs a white blouse, black pants and a black top hat. On second thought, it does not have to be anime, it can be some comic girl, I just can't think of anyone. Zatana maybe, but not quite.

  3. What should I name my character for my book, he's kinda a good guy with a tortured past?

    He's dark mysterous. His Mom is a angel and his Dad is a nephille. He has long black hair, victorian style clothes,gray eyes that glow slighty violet when he uses his powers, broad shoulders, rugged handsome face, muscles but not bulky like the Gov. of California used to be, black and purple wings. In the year of 2007 a female character will awake him from a sleeping curse with another spell. A person in the mythology sections suggested I describe what he looks like in my mind to give u all ideas for names. I tried the Bible but all the names from that are so dry and boring. I'd like something a little more mystical or pretty. I thought about naming him angelise but thats from a old tv show I used to watch so I can't use that.

  4. What kind of hair style or hair cut should I get?

    Will my hair is long black hair and I wan't to get a knew hairstail before next week because it's my birthday. What kind of hair style or hair cut should I get? Thank You :-)

  5. What kind of hair style should I do for picture day tomorrow?

    I have long black hair and I have side bangs. I don't want to leave it down, any suggestions? I have straightened my hair but do not want to wear it curly.

  6. Any suggestions on what I can do to make my hair more interesting?

    I have long black hair, oval shaped face, four-finger forehead (if you know know what it is, take your fingers to your forehead and measure it!) I've tired of putting it up in a ponytail every single day. Any new hair styles I could possibly work with?

  7. What type of veil should i wear if my hair is down?

    I have long black hair and am planning on wearing it down for my ceremony. What type of veil should I wear? My dress is a halter top style with an open lace up back.

  8. What style clothing would look best on me, in your opinion?

    I Don't really have a style. Old jeans and faded t shirts boots and white tank tops. I need a style to get a job anywhere other than a feed store. I'm not very girly but I will wear girl ish stuff. I'm about 5'7 and 135 with fair skin and long black hair, or you could look at me from my flickr account its under my Y!A profile. Thanks.