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Pictures Of Black Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. Could someone find a picture of a hairstyle with brown on top and black underneath?

    or vice versa? I have natural brown hair and have never dyed it and I keep trying to picture black underneath but i can't. & I haven't been able to find any picture either. I'd be soooooo grateful if anyone could help me!

  2. Pictures of black or brown hair with blonde highlights?

    Can anyone find me some pictures of black or brown hair with blonde highlights so I can show them to the hair dresser?

  3. Where can i find good pictures of black hair with golden highlights?

    I'm asian and i want to get like a golden brownish almost dirty blondish color for highlights. Im not sure how it'll look though and i dont want to also have to have a base color and dye all of my hair before getting the highlights. I just want to get highlights all around with no base color. Can you give me links with pictures that have hair sorta like that?

  4. what are some good sites to find black hairstyles?

    I have long, black, curly (kinky) hair and I am looking for lots of pictures for a new hairstyle I can possibly get. To be more specific, I'm thinking I want some cornrows (not all the way back) and/or layered hair.. I would like some help finding sites that have LOTS of pictures of african american hair for me to choose from or get ideas from. thanks!