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Black Hairstyles 2013 Questions Answered!

  1. Would black hair look good on someone who is naturally blonde?

    I have fair skin with reddish cheeks, blue/green eyes (they don't stand out well though), light brown eyebrows (I can get them tinted), tiny lips, I can't tell if my nose is big or not but it's kind of short, fairly straight eyebrows. I have no idea what face shape I have but I think it looks kind of like lucy hales except I think my cheeks are chubbier x) I've went brown before and it looked good. I'm actually asking two questions.. Would black hair look good on me and would bangs look good on me? I'm kind of looking for a drastic change.

  2. Why do white people always complain about their hair?

    If the had black people hair they would die. You guys dont know how to do hair serously. Then you guys go around say how you hate your hair and its so fizzy. And u dont even style it. You just let it hang the same way every day. To dumb to style it right?

  3. What are some hairstyles for black women that involve a hooded-dryer?

    I have hair that is half-way down my back. I need a style that involves me sitting under a hooded dryer and also straightening my roots. I was thinking a roller-set. Is there anything else I can do?

  4. Hairstyles that go well with black colored hair?

    I'm going to get my hair dyed black soon.. I have very fair skin and brown eyes. Any hair cuts that will complement my hair color?

  5. Can You Get Box Braids Days After Dying Your Hair ?

    I have a scheduled appointment next week to get my ends cut and my hair dyed , top half cherry cola red and the back half black but i wanted the box braids and I can't bag out my appointment cause I paid already before hand . So I was curious of if I would be able to dye my hair and to get the box braids a week later . If i can still get the braids after dying my hair , how can I keep my dyed hair from falling out & healthy with the braids in ? If I can't get the braids what hair style do you recommend , and what tips on keeping my hair healthy with dye in ?

  6. What colour would be best for dip dye on my hair?

    Im 14, gonna be fifteen next month !!! I want to dip dye my hair.... my hair is dark brown so it luks like black.....my complexion is wheatish and my hair is curly....please pick a colour for me !!! I dont want to blonde my hair just dip dye brown with ? I dont want to blonde my hair just dip dye brown with ? I dont want to blonde my hair just dip dye brown with ?

  7. What are some popular hairstyles/cuts for black men with natural hair?

    I am currently trying to grow out my hair into an afro style. What are some popular cuts that would go well with an afro style? I'm also open to other styles as well.

  8. what is the best black hair dye and bleach to use?

    im dyeing my hair black very soon, i have to bleach it because i am also putting purple underneath (peekaboo). what are the best kinds of black hair dye and bleach that i can use?