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Short Black Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What hairstyle would look good on a guy with short black hair?

    Help please D: I have short black hair but the hair at my back reaches down to my nape(I like it :D) and i was wondering what hairstyle would look good on me? I forgot to mention my hair naturally falls down. Btw, I want one that's easy to do and manage. No shaving please ):

  2. What hairstyle ideas are there for a 15 year old bangladeshi male teen?

    Basically, I have thick, short black hair and wanted to know of some hairstyles. Are there any websites that include other ethnicity's? Because most that I've gone on have not got any indian/bangladeshi hairs. They either show east asian/chinese etc or white blonde blue eyed ones.

  3. What sort of modern hairstyles are there for a south asian male teen?

    Hi, I'm 15 and a British Bangladeshi male. I wanted to know what sort of modern hairstyles that would suit my style. I have thick, short black hair.

  4. Could you help me find a cute hairstyle?

    Hi, i have a round face and i have medium-short black hair. I wanted to get it cut and get some spiky layers. Do you think this is a good idea? And, could you gimme some hair tips or suggestions? Pictures and websites will help a bunch, too! Thanks!

  5. What can i do with a short hairstyle?

    I have thick short black hair that reaches the end of my neck. its a bit layered at the top and i have a medium straight fringe that reaches a bit below my eyebrows. i was wondering what i could do with my hair to spice it up or something and making it longer isnt really an option as i'm too poor for extensions. Sometimes i fluff up my hair on the side and add a bit of hairspray but after a while it just falls back down and is very limp :( any ideas?

  6. I need a beachy hairstyle for my 8th grade party?

    I have short black hair to about the middle of my neck kind of layered, and I'm absolutely clueless as to a hairstyle that's beachy and cute. Thanks in advance.

  7. What hairstyle should i wear for graduation?

    My dress is short, black, strapless and empire waist. I have fair skin and medium length blonde hair with layers and side bangs. Should i wear it up, curly, wavy... etc. Picture links are SO helpful. Thanks so much!

  8. What is the hottest/sexiest/most attractive hairstyle?

    ANY hairstyle for short/medium-short black hair (straight). I am 18 btw. It'll be nice if you could answer with honesty and even better if you can attach a picture =) Thanks!