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Black Hairstyles Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. Black asian hairstyle pictures and ideas?

    Can you guys give some websites or pictures of black asian hairstyles for teen girls? My hair is super layered (shortest being shoulder length, longest being 2-3 inches past boob) and like starting-at-eye length side bangs. i was thinking about cutting off some of the length to make the layer gap less obvious, so to maybe at boob length? and i was thinking about getting a little fuller bangs, or maybe grow them out? anyways, if you have any suggestions or pictures that sound like my hair, please give them! thank you so much!

  2. Should a brown male with black hair get highlights?

    I want to get highlights for prom but I don't know what colour and what highlights. My hair is usually a fohawk or shaggy but i am open to other hairstyles (a picture would help). I am fairly dark skinned, and have dark black hair. When I have a fohawk I was planning on highlighting the front red with red tips, but if it was shaggy, I would do red streaks at the front. Please give me suggestions. Thank you

  3. Blonde Streaks on Black Hair Hairstyle Pictures?

    I'm looking for pictures of scene/emo boys with blonde streaks on their hair (particularly the front/fringe of the hair) with one eye covered. Has there been any uploaded on the net? No negative comments plz.

  4. what is this hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston called?

    http://www.hair-styles.org/jennifer-aniston-hairstyles-picture-001.html unlike her my hair is black, although it is straight & silky. do you think it'll look good? and one more thing, is this hairstyle good or is Ashley tisdale's hairstyle from the HSM3 premiere better? i dont want to cut my hair short.......will cutting my hair like jen here make it too short or anything? please help!

  5. What are some cute hairstyles for school?

    I never even care to style my hair in the morning . I have naturally wavy black hair (asian) . I just put up my bangs with a clip and leave for school . Now I`m getting tired of the same old look everyday . And I`m pretty sure my friends are too . Sooo , what are some cute hairstyles for school ? (: Pictures would be nice . Thaanks <3 .

  6. What images do you picture when you think of African American hair?

    Pictures Plzz So many people say that Black hair is ugly. I just wanted to see what they meant.