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Black Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What are popular black hairstyles for men?

    What are popular black hairstyles for men now, besides cornrows? A decade ago, high-top fades, crew-cuts and cameos were in.

  2. What do Black people think when they see a White girl wearing Black hairstyles?

    I mean natural hairstyles like cornrows, locs, kinky twists, braids and head wraps. I'm White and I love Black hairstyles. They're so intricate and well, pretty. Plus cornrows always make my scalp feel good. I just wondered though how Black people see it when a White kid is wearing something that is theirs. Is it bad or disrespectful? Or is viewed as ok and just another hairstyle?

  3. What is a website that I can find a gallery of black hairstyles photos?? Or do anybody have any ideas?

    I need some ideas or a website that I can go to so I can see some photos of black hairstyles!

  4. What are some the of some black hairstyle books?

    I need to find some black hairstyle books that are filled with strictly pictures of hairstyles. It would help if the books had some teenager hairstyles in them, I don't want to look too old. It would be even better if they had pictures of some layered hairstyles as well, b/c thats the look that I'm going for. Pics of the covers and the authors name would also be nice. Thanks a lot!

  5. Anyone know of any online resources for drawing hairstyles for black characters?

    I've tried to find some-the only sources I've seen online show you how to draw hairstyles for white people or pair with straight hair. I want to draw black characters and I don't mean anime characters. People seem to just draw Afros. Afros are a stereotype. I want to draw things like cameos, fades, crewcuts and cornrows and dreads and I want to draw other black hairstyles too. Can someone please help me out? Thank you.

  6. Culturally speaking why do the black users love to pull a lil kim on their cartoon avatars?

    -bleaching, they make their avatar's skin lighter than their real actual complexion -nose jobs, they use the faces with the straight noses instead of the wide ones -colored contacts, they will use avatars with colored eyes -weaves or hair relaxers, they use avatars with long hair or weaves but never any black hairstyles like afros or braids. Dont they just remind you of cyber lil kims? @ insane. Im cloning a user. Although she probably fits the profile anyway. Folks notice I said CARTOON avatars.

  7. what kind of hairstyle should I have for graduation pictures?

    Hi im graduating and I have long blackish brown hair and im black give me some real ansers if youu dont know then dont answer the stinking question. GOSH! If I get any stupid answers I will delete this and I would say only black ppl coulD answer this but just give me some BLACK hairstyles!! Oh and I will not cut my hair!!

  8. Need a weblink to look at cute hairstyles?

    I need a cute hair style to wear out of town to a club called The Plush. Need some weblinks for black hairstyles. Updo's

  9. Why is it more rare to see black men with relaxed hair than woman?

    I've seen a bunch of black men hairstyles, and most are natural. It seems like every black woman has their hair relaxed, but most men don't. It's either cut real short or put into some sort of hairstyle while it's still natural.