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Natural Curly Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make my hair curly?

    I am a black girl, and I've always wanted my hair to be in a natural hairstyle with no chemicals or anything. Is there any way that I can have a natural curly hairstyle? And How?

  2. What are some natural hairstyles for african american girls?

    i have shoulder length natural curly hair. my roots are tight waves but my ends are more straight due to perms.

  3. Im an african american who wants to get a new curly hairstyle. How can i obtain this.?

    I have straight relaxed hair. I would like to obtain a style like Bre from America's Next Top Model. My hair isnt that long but thats the wavy, natural, curly look i want. What exactly is it called, and how do i get my hair like this. I dont want to use heat to my hair to get this effect. What other methods would you suggest.

  4. What are some natural remedies for black hair?

    So like my hair is natural curly but I want to be able to have a curly hairstyle out without any straighteners or curlers. Anyway things you can put in your hair and then put in a hairstyle. ONLY NATURAL THINGS!

  5. what is the shortest you should cut frizzy curly hair?

    Ok so if you have really frizzy or natural curly hair what is the shortest you should probablly get it cut without it being extremely frizzy and huge. And if you have any good hairstyle pictures for that type of hair please post the links!

  6. How come hairstyle affect your attractiveness?

    Why? My sister looks so much more better with straightened hair than she did with her natural curly hair. Open hair looks better than tied back into a ponytail or braided. Fringes or step cut makes you look more attractive. Again, wavy hair suit some and curly suit some. Even for men, some can pull off long hair while some look better with thick wavy hair. Others look better in short hair. So how does attractiveness change? Why?

  7. Can you braid your hair and get crimped hair with cuely hair?

    I have natural curly hair and i hate it. I wanna grow it out so i wanna try hairstyles tht dnt involve heat. So can i braid my hair and still get cute crimped hair with it looking dumb?

  8. I have a wedding coming up. I have natural curly hair. Any suggestions as what to do with it for my wedding?

    I have natural curly hair. But i dont know what to do with my hair for my wedding. Any suggestions. Pictures with it would be great that way i can look at your suggestions. Please help Will pick best awnser. Its is my wedding and i would say that my hair is about mid back in length. I have a picture of something that i like but i dont know how to get it on here to show you all. Help

  9. How do I get a Zayn Malik hairstyle?

    My hair is EXTREMELY curly and thick and I was wondering how to get the Zayn Malik hairstyle? I have kind of a natural curly, long and thick hair. If I cut it, will the sides look like Zayn Malik's? How do I get a hairstyle similar to his? I looked online but those tutorials were from people with naturally straight hair. Mine is THICK and CURLY! Anyone know how to help me out?