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Pictures Of Curly Hair Styles Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find Curly hair styles?

    I'm going to a new hair stylist next week, and I want to bring a picture of a hair style so I can show her what I want. Where can I find hair style pictures of naturally curly hair? Everything I see is either curled with a curling iron, or permed. I'm caucasian with long brown curly hair.

  2. How long before the junior prom should I get my hair done?

    I want to get my hair styled like this http://www.curly-hair-styles-magazine.com/images/wavy-hair-styles-11.jpg my hair is naturally pretty straight so i don't think it'll take that long. the jr. prom starts at 7 but the latest i could get my appointment was at 2:15. assuming i go to take pictures with friends at 5:30 or 6:00 is 2:15 too early? will it really last until 11?

  3. How can i make my hair wavy ?

    I want my hair to look wavy like this picture http://www.curly-hair-styles-magazine.com/images/wavy-hair-styles-11.jpg What can i do to make it look like that? Just the hair, not the bangs. Is there anything i can do besides curl it?

  4. Is leaving conditioner in good for curly hair?

    I have natural wavy/ curly hair and so I was watching some tutorials on how to style curly hair&& a few would take their regular conditioner after their shower and put a lot in there hair & nothing else. They would then show after pictures and there hair would be perfect! Does leaving my normal conditioner in all day work? Or will it become flakey and look off? I have VERY thick hair that is long and wavy at the roots to my ear then slowly wraps into a curl. Will leaving it in on my hair work?

  5. What kind of styles can you arrange curly hair in?

    I have really curly hair and I don't know what kind of styles I can put it in. Don't go on Google Images and give me a link to a picture of a celebrity with some crazy hard hairstyle. Just give me a picture of an easy, cute hairstyle for naturally curly hair. Perhaps, even better, a video to show me how?

  6. What are some good hairstyles for curly hair?

    I have long curly hair, not corkscrew but pretty curly. I have had the same hairstyle forever because i can't seem to do anything with it. Anyone have ideas/pictures for hair styles/cuts?

  7. What are cute hair styles for the movies?

    I have long brown curly hair. Pictures would help alot. Or websites of how to do it.

  8. What good Curly hair styles for an asian?

    Im 15 years old, and my heritage is filipino, chinese, and spanish. I got some pictures to show u my hair style and a freebee pic of me =D. I usually make my hair straight with a straightener and i wanted to know what kind of styles would be good for me? i dont like curly hair btw.. i just hate my dad for giving me curly hair and my bro got straight hair >< Links: 1. http://i523.photobucket.com/albums/w356/LegendaryDancerMarc/Marc3.jpg 2. http://i523.photobucket.com/albums/w356/LegendaryDancerMarc/Marc4.jpg 3. http://i523.photobucket.com/albums/w356/LegendaryDancerMarc/Marc5.jpg 4. http://i523.photobucket.com/albums/w356/LegendaryDancerMarc/Marc2.jpg i like to make it straight but i cant straighten my back cuz its short, and my front is long. So anybody have any tips? my hair i think is thick. i also meant what good straight hair styles as well =D if its possible