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Short Mohawk Hairstyle Questions Answered!

  1. How to dye my hair blue?

    Hello I'm considering on dying my hair blue, but i never done it before. I have a short Mohawk hairstyle and i just want some hints and tips on how to do it and do i need someones help or can i do it myself. I have dark brown hair colour.

  2. where can i find pics of short mohawk hairstyles?

    please do tell me .. coz i've been trying so hard to describe what i really want my hair to look like to my hairdresser.. i want short mohawk style like ricky martin (yuckk) now ! help

  3. What are some unique hairstyles that are fairly low maintanence?

    I don't want to spend all morning spiking my hair but I want to stand out. I used to have crazily colored, scene hair but I was getting mistaken for a girl a lot and got sick of that. I currently am sticking with a short mohawk. Any suggestions?

  4. I was wondering if you are allowed a short mohawk in the army?

    What I mean by this is that I shave my head...after like six days or less I sometimes give myself a short and controlled mohawk. Not long hair on the "hawk" just keeping it where it is while I shave the rest of my head. I don't really think it is a tapered appearance...AR 670-1 however I just don't want to screw anything up. Looking to be successful in this army thing. Preferable if former or current army could answer this question.

  5. What do guys think of girls with short mohawks?

    I'm thinking of getting a short shaved side Mohawk. . . like this one http://lonlotrilili.deviantart.com/art/Young-Bill-Kaulitz-in-Blonde-Short-Hair-330985465 I already have bright red halfshaved head that is about shoulder length. I'm straight I just love different haircuts and I get made fun of all the time. I just suck it up, but it makes me upset. I don't want boys my age (14) to think i'm lez or anything.

  6. Who is the Japanese soccer star who has a very slight faux mohawk hairstyle?

    His hair is very short all over but cut with a very slight mohawk in the middle. Thanks.

  7. What are some good short asian hairstyles?

    I have long hair and am planning to cut it to very short for the summer! i'm thinking about what short hairstyle to get, you know hairstyles like Taeyang but not to the extent of a mohawk. I need help!!! it be best if you guys can show me a picture too cuz i'm gonna bring it to the place where i cut my hair and ask them to do that (: much thanks to those who helps me XP

  8. What's that hairstyle called when girls shave both sides of their head and leave a thick mowhawk?

    Like a chelsea hawk but shorter and somewhat wider at the top. Kind of like what "La roux" has, but no hair on the sides of her head.

  9. What are some good short hairstyles for 14 year old guys?

    I'm 14 and I'm a freshmen. I am part Asian so I have dark brown hair. Can you give me any pictures or names of hairstyles that do not require the use of gel. No spikes or Mohawks please.