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Curly Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. How do you sleep on curly hairstyles so you don't make the curls flat?

    I am trying to get a curly hairstyle, but I don't know how to sleep on it so the curls won't get flat the next day... If you have any tips on how to keep they curls full and such, please feel free to give your input..,

  2. What kind of curly hairstyle should I try, in order to have the youngest look ?

    I have a long hair, and I want to try a curly hairstyle. please give some advice, and tell me waht kind of curly style I should have... ( it's better if you can show me link to a picture.) thanks !!!

  3. I need a curly hairstyle for prom, can anyone help?

    I'm going to my senior prom tommorrow night and need some ideas for curly hairstyles (my hair is naturally straight). I want to wear it down. Does anyone have some suggestions? PS- Celebrity pictures/other pictures would be great : )

  4. Can you help me find long curly hairstyles?

    My middle school graduation is friday!! Yay, anyways....lol.....I have a black and white polka dotted dress and I'm going to go to the salon and have my hair done like an hour or two before graduation. I'm going to have it down and curled, not half back or anything, just normally down. Can you help me find pretty curly hairstyles for long hair??? By the way, my hair is light brown, Idk if that helps...not a fashion expert! :D.

  5. How do these two male curly hairstyles look?

    Hi! I'm trying to find a curly hairstyle that will suit me, and I found two that I really like. I just want to get a second opinion on them. First one is this : http://oi42.tinypic.com/bhcb4n.jpg Second one is this : http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/wennpic/diego-boneta-uk-premiere-rock-of-ages-01.jpg Thanks!

  6. Any pics of cute medium length curly hairstyles?

    Okay, well I have medium length hair (it's down to my shoulders), and tomorrow I want to curl it, but I need ideas! I haven't really curled my hair before...So I NEED pics of medium length curly hairstyles

  7. What Kind Of curly hairstyle *expect down* would selena gomez or demi lovato have?

    im trying out new hairstyles and i kinda liked the curly hairstyles selena and demi have. :D i have Selena length hair, but demis is just gorgeous :P i meant except

  8. Is there anything a male with straight hair can do to make their hair curly?

    Right now I have hair that is shoulder-length but am willing to cut it if necessary. Is there any way to cause my hair to be curly and look good? When I think of good-looking male curly hairstyles I think of Adam Brody and Nick Jonas. I know they both have genetically curly hair but is there anything that I could do to replicate that effect? Please star this question if you are feeling charitable. Perm has been suggested twice. Is there any record of a male getting a perm with successful results?

  9. Where can I find hair tips for Caucasian curly hair?

    All the magazines I have looked at that feature curly hairstyles use African-American hair as examples, but I am a white girl and my hair is a lot finer than African American hair. The products suggested are often too harsh on my fine hair. Is there somewhere I can go to learn about my hair type and how to manage it?

  10. How can i make my curly hair look better?

    I don't know wat to do with my curly hair? Wat r some kool curly hairstyles?