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Curly Hair Styles Questions Answered!

  1. I have natural curly hair and would like to find a shorter high style?

    I have medium length curly hair and I would like to find a diffrent hairstyle but I cant seem to find any web sites that have pictures of curly hair styles. Does anyone know one or have any suggestions?

  2. Naturally brown medium length curly hair styles?

    I have thick spanish curly hair, I really want new styles. I always leave it down. I want new styles for my hair, or a cool new haircut. Also, any tips for curly hair?

  3. What can of product should I use for my curly hair to stay in place and frizz free?

    i have really curly hair that frizzes really easily. What kind of products should i use to maintain it. Could you make them cheap! click the link below to see the type of hair i have and the length. Thank You. http://www.curly-hair-styles-magazine.com/images/curly-hair-cut-04.jpg sorry the link cant be "clicked" so just plz copy and paste onto another tab and see thanks!

  4. What kind of hair styles you will have in chrismas?

    I will like to have royal curly hair style.

  5. How should I do my hair for the first day of school?

    My hair is just above my shoulder. It is brunette and I have burgundy highlights. It is also quite curly. I need some styles that can take maybe 15 minutes or less. Since I'm asking this a few days in advance, I can go to the store and get some products if you guys know of any that can keep frizz down. (it has been quite humid where I live lately) Any ideas? School starts Wednesday. Also, I'm not posting a picture on here for everyone to see, so just some easy curly hair styles.

  6. What is the best hair to use for curly weave to make it look natural?

    Been wanting a curly hair style like some of the video girls are wearing now a days. Somthing that looks like naturaly curly hair. Like Kelis.

  7. How do I prevent my curly hair from being flat on the top?

    I've always had very curly hair. I style it by simply putting in some light mousse and scrunching it while wet, and then letting it air dry. This has always resulted in great curls. However, my hair has recently become much more straight. I'm using all of the same products and shampoo and don't know why this is happening. I miss my curls! It is still pretty curly at the bottom, but the top is almost completely straight. Any styling advise to bring the curls back?

  8. What are some curly hair styles?

    I have curly hair, not like REALLY curly, but it is really unmanageable. When I leave it down, it's kind of poofy.What are some curly hair styles that might make it less poofy?

  9. How can I keep a curl in my long thin straight hair?

    I have long hair, and it is naturally very straight and thin. I always want to have a curly hair style when I go out but I lose the curl within half an hour or so. Hair spray helps a little, without it I would lose the curl within 5 minutes. What can I do to keep my hair curly for hours?