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Mohawk Hairstyle Men Questions Answered!

  1. Why is the Mohawk considered a Faddish hairstyle by the military when it is over two thousand years old?

    The first example of a Mohawk hairstyle is over two thousand years old Clonycavan Man. In WW2 GIs used the Mohawk and again in Vietnam it was seen. The only regulation that the style breaks is the one that is based most on opinion. It can be clipped short, tapered, and kept clean.

  2. How to insult a girl with a mohawk?

    My sister in law, who has 3 kids and is 27, decided to rebel and get a mohawk. We always give each other crap for everything. We are good friends, but I'm having trouble coming up with a joke about her mo-hawk.... The Mohawk hairstyle is named for, and often associated with, the people of the Mohawk nation, an indigenous people of North America who originally inhabited the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York.[1] All I can joke about is that reference. Any good mohawk jokes?

  3. Does the Mohawk hairstyle add strength to a man ?

    I believe that this hairstyle symbolizes the male erection, and that men have reached a peak in strength when blood flow reaches its max.

  4. How does a undercut and a fohawk hairstyle look like for a guy?

    Im a 17 year old boy and hope to know whats a undercut style and whats the diff between a mohawk and a fauxhawk. Hope u could help me :)

  5. Can you give me some tips about mohawks?

    I will shave my sides bald soon and leave the middle 6 inches (you might have read that in my last question).I wanna know does it look good if the mohawk is long and the sides are bald.I also wanna know do i have to shave my sides every week (i don't want the sides to grow much-i want them too be extremely short).So does it have another way for the sides to stay short without trimming them?

  6. What kind of hairstyle for a 13 year old boy?

    I have medium length STRAIGHT VERY STRAIGHT black hair and I want something new for the start of school, and right now I just make my hair stand up a little bit in the front with gel, so what do you suggest? Also nothing too different like a mohawk. Thanks!

  7. Where can I a 17year old male apply in south Florida with long hair?

    in other words what employer does not care about long hair its not a Mohawk or anthing its like this http://people.bukiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/bukiki-long-hairstyle-for-men.jpg but a tad bit longer and not in my face like in the middle of his forehead any ideas?

  8. What haircuts are good for people with oblong face shape?

    A Gay hair stylist tell me Mohawk is perfect. but I don't to bald my two sides head. Are there any other options?