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Short Hair Styles Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good short hair styles for guys?

    I have medium length hair and seeing spring is here ive decided to get a new style. What are your favorite short hair styles?

  2. What are some popular short hair styles for a guy?

    I have long hair, and i was thinking of getting short hair. I was woundering if anyone knows any popular short hair styles. any pictures or websites would be nice thx

  3. How to make short hair work for me?

    I have thin blond hair that is a little longer than shoulder length. I know cutting it will make it look more thick and give it more volume but I don't want just boring short hair. I'm thinking of cutting it a little above shoulder length and getting bangs too (idk what kind yet) and maybe dying it lighter blond. Any suggestions? Oh and I you could post some pics of short and medium-short hair styles that would be great!

  4. I have short hair and need styling alternatives?

    I have a short hair style that sits a cm below my ears. It keeps breaking off and won't grow anywhere past that particular length (probably because I use heat everyday). I don't know any other cute ways to wear it without using heat. I want my hair to grow so I can do ponytails again. Please help! I cut it to the style I had now four years ago. I'd like some length to finally have a new hair style.

  5. What are cute meduim hair styles for oval faces?

    I am very tall, tan, blue eyes and very thick light brown hair. I also seem to have a problem with frizzieness and no shape to my hair. My hair is naturally wavy. I need photos! Please help me, I'm clueless on what to do with my hair! Oh yeah I am also a cross country runner and a basketball player. So I need to be able to put my hair in a ponytail. And are short hair styles good for me? Like would it make me look manly?

  6. What are some cute short hair styles for women that won't get you mistaken for a dyke?

    Where can I find some short, chic and modern hair styles for women in their 20's?

  7. What kind of person looks good with a short hair cut? How to figure out face shape?

    I am a female, and I recently turned 20. My hair is pretty long. It goes down most of my back. I want to donate my hair to Locks of Love. So after my dead ends are cut, I have to cut at least 10 inches off to give them. I was thinking maybe get it cut to where it is a little shorter than shoulder length. The problem is that I do not know what face shape I have, so I have no clue if short hair would look good on me, or what short hair style to go with. I don't want it super short. Where can I find out what face type I am? Also what are some good free virtual hairstyle sites. Maybe that could help me.

  8. What are some good short curly hair styles?

    I need to get my hair cut and wanted something new. Last time I got it cut I had it so it was long enough to fit in a ponytail. I want something about that length. But my only problem was that My hair puffed up unless I straightened it. Does anyone know any good short curly hair styles? Please help!!!

  9. What are some cute short hair styles for women that won't get you mistaken for a dyke?

    Where can I find some short, chic and modern hair styles for women in their 20's?

  10. Is short hair more popular with young Thai girls?

    Im in Japan and a short hair style is popular for many girls at junior high level but not so much at elementary. Im not sure why this is so, is it the same in Thailand?