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Very Short Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What would be a sexy short hairstyle for me?

    My birthday's next week and I want to start this year off with a more mature, sexy, short hairstyle. Do you have any suggestions? Please post links to pics I can check out. Thanks for your help!

  2. Where can i find a short hairstyle for thick hair?

    Hi! I'm going to Montreal soon and i'd like a short, spikey hairstyle. But i have EXTREAMLY thick hair, and its never straight.ever. So, any websites that have pics of short hairstyles would be great!

  3. What type of short hairstyle suits me? What products should I use?

    I have really fine/thin hair with kinda a lot of split ends. My hair tends to be flat. My face is sort of apple/circle shaped. Hair color is light brown. I'm petite and I have pale skin. I want to get a short hairstyle (since that will make my hair look more thick/full) but I'm not sure which or how I want it. Please help!