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Short Hairstyles For Round Faces Questions Answered!

  1. Would a person with a round face look right with a short hairstyle?

    I have a round face and chubby cheeks and lately i've been seeing a lot of short hairstyles that I just love. I've always been told that I would look hot with a short cut because it would bring out my face more, but i've also heard that short styles makes the face look chubbier. What do you think? Does it make you look that way? I especially like the vicky beckham kinda cut.

  2. Can you think of any celebrities with round faces and short hairstyles?

    My hair is currently shoulder length, and I would like to cut it short - except I have a round face, and short hairstyles tend to look wrong on round faces.

  3. what are some short hairstyles for round faces?

    i have a very round face. and my hair is about 2 inches aboive my elbows. soon, im cutting it short for locks of love. but since i have a round face, a short hairstyle will emphasize my round face. i need some cute, short hairstyles that will look good on a round face. thanks!

  4. A place to find good hairstyles for a round face?

    I wanna get my haircut for school. I have just past shoulder-length hair as it is, so I wanted short hairstyles, but I have a round face, so I wanted it to be not too short I have a lot of bangs too :D So if you could, gimme a link to a site with maybe suggestions, or maybe suggest a style yourself but I want pictures of what the hairstyle would look like :/ Sankyew 8D

  5. What's the best short haircut for a really round face?

    I have a really round face, which is wider than it is long. What short hairstyle would suit me the best? I have really thin hair too.

  6. What type of short hairstyle would be right for me?

    I have a round face and curly dark brown hair. I have really long hair and ive always had long hair. Im tired of it and want to have a short hairstyle but i dont know what kind to get because i dont want it to make my face look fat because i have a round face. Anyone have any ideas? i dont want super short hair. just right above the shoulders. send pictures if you find any please.

  7. what is the best hair cut for a round face shape?

    im going to the hairdressers but im not sure how to get my hair cut. i have a round face and my hair goes down to my armpit with a medium length side fringe. i would like to have a short hairstyle but people keep telling me that short hairstyles dont go with round faces. if you know any pictures of hair that could help me id be really grateful . thanx

  8. What short hairstyle will suit my round face?

    My hair is very very very thick and wavy/(a little curly). It is very messy and I can't tie it. Right now, I have short hair and long fringe. Show me pics of some nice hairstyle that will suit my round face.