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Black Short Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. do you know any styles for females with short hair?

    i put on weave ever since i was a toddler, and now i'm 16 and i'm getting tired of it. personally, i hate putting on weave and would like to do something with my natarul hair. personally, i love short hair rather than long hair, but i just can't find a short hairstyle that fits my natarul hair. i try to find it on the internet, but it's very hard to find a black short hairstyle for female. if you know any, the hairstyle could be permed of natarul. i am going to college soon and it would be helpful if you guys help me with this problem.

  2. what is the best short hairstyle for me?

    I have black hair that is a few inches past my shoulders. I always have my hair up in a ponytail because I hate having my hair in my face. I want to cut it short but I cant find a short hairstyle that I like yet. I have an ovalish face and I wear glasses.

  3. What Hairstyle & Mustache would u recommend for a skinny guy?

    I'm 19 male 6'2 skinny guy,fair skin and not so curly black hair. Suggest me a short hairstyle. Shaggy style and long hair styles are not possible with my hard hair.. Please give me link for pictures of the hairstyle u recommend .. Do I need to keep mustache?

  4. What type of hairstyle should I wear?

    I have a strapless dress that I am wearing to my cousin's wedding. It's a very dramatic high/low cut dress, and the top is white (silky fabric) and the bottom part which starts right below the bust is a black short slip (same length all around) with almost a see through fabric on top (really short in front but really long in back).... I'm wondering what type of hairstyle I should get (my other cousin is a hair stylist and is doing everyone's hair), I have long dirty blonde hair with no bangs and either long layers or no layers at all..... I will also be dancing all night and I don't want it to fall or get ruined.... Thanks Bunches!

  5. What hairstyle would best suit my prom dress?

    Its a tight (bodycon) dress, black, short (thigh legnthish) and has long flowy chiffon sleeves. I am stuck for hairstyle ideas that would match... any suggestions (link to photos) :) thanyouuuu xx

  6. How to turn an Afro into small curls?

    My hair currently looks like this - http://www.menshairstyles.net/d/37283-1/black+short+hairstyle.jpg I want it to look like this - http://slodive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/black-men-hairstyles/rhadames-villafana.jpg - or - http://cdn.madamenoire.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/jasika_nicole.jpg I know I could just go to a salon, but I'm looking for a DIY way to do it.

  7. How can I jazz up my personal appearance when I have to wear a uniform to school?

    I admit it. I go to a Catholic school. We wear white shirts and black shorts or gray skirts. I need some good ideas for accesories or hairstyles or anything to make me stand out, even with the boring uniform. No, the uniform can not be altered (i.e., you can't cut holes or whatever), so I'm mainly looking for good jewelry ideas. Stores, fashions, magazines, whatever. All help appreciated! Shoes have to be black hard leather shoes. Every single girl wears Docs though. It's practically an unwritten law.