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Short Hairstyles For Women Questions Answered!

  1. Why do black women copy caucasian male hairstyles?

    I've noticed that the short hairstyles of black women are the same as those of white men. Why? Is a hairstyle just a hairstyle? Or is there something more beneath the scalp?

  2. What are some short hairstyles for a college age girl?

    I want to go really short, but I'm worried that a lot of the short hairstyles out there are for older women. What are some styles for younger people like me?

  3. Where can I find pictures of 27 piece short hairstyles?

    I'm trying to find pictures of 27 piece short hairstyles so I can get my hair done. Can anyone help me?

  4. where can I find pictures of extra short women's hair that shows the back of the head?

    I need to find a picture of a haircut with extra short hair that shows the back of the head. Where can I find a picture like this. I put in short hairstyles that show the back of the head in the search line but all that comes up is pictures from the front view of the haircut. Is there a site anywhere that shows how a haircut looks from the back of the head view? Anyone out there know?

  5. What does a woman's hairstyle say about her personality?

    I have noticed that women with short hairstyles, get treated with more respect. And women with long hair are seen as "sexy". And women with punk hairstyles are seen as more outgoing and rebellious etc. Does a woman's hairstyle truthfully say a lot about her personality, and does it influence how you perceive them?

  6. Why are Indian girls/women reluctant to keep short hairstyles ?

    Maximum girls I've seen do not do anything apart from shampooing their hair, or having some minor hair trim, and nothing else. Many girls look exceptionally beautiful with short hairstyles, but they tend to keep them long. Girls: whats the reason?