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Mohawk Hairstyle For Women Questions Answered!

  1. What are some hairstyles that can be worn by either men or women?

    I would like to know, what are some hairstyles that both men and women could wear. Basically a style that can either be worn by men or women. Please provide links to examples or images, if you can. Thanks!

  2. Women only, what hairstyle would you recommend to a guy that is below 6 feet tall?

    Height seem to be important when it comes to male hairstyles. Short gutys can't have shaved heads. I'm open minded, what hairstyle should a man get if he's short.

  3. What are the WORST female hairstyles?

    I think the worst ones are when women shave all their hair off, and also when they have a horrible ruler-straight fringe. God, it's so unattractive. What are the hairstyles on women that you hate?

  4. Would a mohawk look good on me?

    I'm a girl, and I just got a really bad haircut, so I'm thinking of shaving the sides really short, and getting a feminine mohawk. I have a roundish face, but it's almost oval-shaped. I'm a little chubby, but working on it every day. I just turned 18, and I'm looking to get a radical hairdo, something edgy, and punkish. I was thinking something like this: http://www.yourhairstyles.net/mohawk-hairstyles-for-women-2012/ (2nd, or last picture) Thoughts?

  5. Is a faux hawk hairstyle attractive to woman?

    Seems nowadays movie stars are rocking a look that require no product - woman, what's the verdict?

  6. Where can I find images of the hairstyle "modern mohawk" or mohican for a woman?

    I'm looking for images of the hairstyle similar to the one Yoanna House got in ANTM season 2. I've only been able to find the pictures of her on ANTM's website. Are there any good Hairstyle websites?

  7. What is a hairstyle that a straight woman wouldn't have?

    Generally speaking of course, I know there are exceptions to every rule, so please don't take offense. Shaved Head Mohawk/Fauxhawk Buzz/Crew Cut Long Braid Glamourous Curls @Meghan you read my question wrong.

  8. How do you decide to cut your hair?

    I am fortunate enough to look nice with a variety of hairstyles. I could go short or long, and right now I'm at shoulder length. I can't decide whether I want to grow it out, or cut it into a fun short style. It's either beautiful, or cool. I just can't decide! How do you know what to do/what do you do ?

  9. can you recommend any short hairstyles for women?

    I was thinking about maybe a mohawk, but im still deciding.