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Short Celebrity Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. I live in Southern Cali and want to cut my hair off, but am very selective where I want to go?

    I want a very edgy short hairstyle, a few celebrities hairstyles I like are Kelis and Keyshia Cole's short hairstyles a couple of years ago, also, Megan Good's new short hairstyle, anyone have any suggestions where to go?

  2. How should I get my haircut for a receding hairline?

    At the minute my hair currently looks roughly like this: http://www.hairpedia.com/hair-styles/pictures/gallery/Celebrity-Hairstyles-Men/Chace-Crawford/1481/ My hairline is receding but I hide it very well. I am 19 years of age and I am applying for the RAF therefore my hair has to be short and smart. I don't want to hide the hairline any more I want to embrace it but I'm afraid it will make me look less attractive. What haircuts and styles would you recommend for someone in my position who cares about his physical appearance. Links to pictures would be much appreciated, thank you.

  3. What are good hairstyles for thick, coarse, curly hair?

    I would like a short hairstyle.

  4. Will a haircut make my face look slimmer?

    I have squarish face with squarish jawline and chubby cheeks. My hair is currently long (no curls, no waves, not extremely straight) and I have side swept bangs. Im thinking of getting a haircut, but I don't know what hairstyle.. My hair is quite thick and I don't want it to be thinner. I don't want my hair to be extremely short as well. Please don't tell me to look up celebrity hairstyles because all celebs look good and whatever hairstyle they have they still look good. I look creepy without bangs.

  5. Does anyone please know a good website for hairstyle to choose and how to do ?

    I don't want website with Celebrities hairstyle because it does not tell me how to make my hair like theirs. I am not talking about my avator. I am talking real life. I want a website with list of hairstyles and name of the hairstyle.

  6. What is the best short hairstyle for guys?

    I want to do something a little different. I currently style my hair up in the front. I don't look good with longer hair, so want to keep it short. Any suggestions?

  7. What short hairstyle would suit a round heart-shaped face?

    I have a round heart shaped face. My forehead is wide and the rest is shortish. Any ideas on a short hairstyle that would suit me? Any pictures would be great. Medium length hair is okay too.