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Worst Celebrity Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What are good hairstyles if you have side swept bangs?

    I have naturally wavy hair and it is about shoulder length. I just got side swept bangs cut into my hair and I am looking for a good way to style them. Anyone know of a celebrity style with side swept bangs or a picture online that I could check out. I think my bangs should be a thinner layer and longer, but I want to see what others do with their side bangs. Thanks so much!

  2. What are some hairstyles for side swept bangs?

    Yes, I know how to wear them down, but what are some cute ways to wear them any other time? Such as I'm having a bad hair day. Tips that you give me, could help.

  3. Why do more people care about a celebrities shoes or dress or hairstyle than their acting merits?

    Or their musical talent? ( or lack there of) It seems whenever a celebrity is on the news, it's about what they tweeted, or who they're dating or what they wore to an award show. Why not I don't know, discuss what they actually DO? Otherwise, shut up! It's this kind of stuff that's perpetuating this fame obsessed subculture, kids wanna be famous but seem to forget the actual important things, like being a good actor or musician. I love Angelina Jolie, as an actress, I don't care about her sex life or her religion thank you very much!

  4. How to stop feeling insecure when wearing clip-on hair extensions?

    I like to wear my clip-on hair extensions, but so far my wearing has been limited to at home use only. I want to wear them out. I'm so scared the wind's gonna blow and my clips are gonna show. What do I do to ease this worry? I want to wear them sooo bad, they look great. But what about the wind? How do I hide them? Do you wear them? How'd you get over being insecure about them?

  5. How does a weave protect natural hair?

    I read all the time that celebrities like Gabrielle Union wear weave to protect their own hair. But would the natural hair have to be styled along with the weave? I've never worn one, so I honestly don't know. I've seen women before who have hardly any hair around their hairline from constant weaves and braiding, so just curious how a weave can help. A lace front make sense, but not a traditional weave. Thanks!

  6. What kind of nose you think is most attractive?

    and do you think the appearance of the nose is important? Myself I find it can change the whole face. is there a celebrity you think has a really nice nose and what kind of noses you don't like at all? Would be nice if you can write where you are from.

  7. How can I learn to feel beautiful in my own skin?

    I'm in high school. The pressure to look like the girls on the front of the magazine is very much so nowadays. I tell myself I'm beautiful all the time but I don't seem to believe it. I'm trying to loose weight but running on the treadmill isn't fun, I get bored, and move on to something else. Then later I'll feel bad about it. What can I do to feel better in my own skin?

  8. Which celebrity can I use as makeup inspiration ?

    I am really bad with finding what suits my face. I have been told that I use the wrong colors and hairstyles for me . A friend of mine recently told me that she uses Sienna Miller to get inspired .Of course she does't look exactly like her but after she told me I could actually see some similarities , and I guess it's those similarities enable her to enhance her looks by getting some ideas from Sienna Miller's hairstyles and makeup . Who would you suggest me to base my styling ideas on . There is a profile picture.