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Best Celebrity Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. Is there a website that lets you try on celebrities hairstyles?

    I was wondering if there was any website where you could upload a picture of yourself and then it would let you try on celebrities hairstyles? Like, it lets you try on Ashlee Simpson's hair on a picture of yourself?

  2. Where can I try on different hairstyles on myself online for free?

    I've found a lot that have celebrity hairstyles you can try, but that is not what I'm looking for. I just want a site where you can upload of picture of yourself, and try on various virtual hairstyles. Help me out please!

  3. What is a good website that has pictures of different hairstyles?

    I need to find a pic by tomorrow of a hairstyle I like. Does anybody know any good websites that has a gallery of hairstyles but not necessarily of celebrity hairstyles, please. Thanks so much! :)

  4. What are some good websites for pretty hairstyles?

    Maybe like celebrity hairstyles and well, just pretty everyday styles. I need a new hairdo! Mine is dark brown and just straight and boring. Thank you so much nice people.

  5. i need help finding pictures of celebrities to get hairstyle ideas i pick best answer?

    i have prom soon and i wanted to look at pictures of celebrities to get some hairstyle ideas, i don't want an updo or anything though. if i search celebrity hairstyles online i don't find anything recent or good they're all really old pictures. is there a website thats up to date that i can get suggestions from? thanks

  6. celebrity hairstyles to copy for prom?

    I've been looking through different pictures of celebrities for inspiration for my prom hairstyle and I need more inspiration... who are some good celebrity hairstyles to copy? also are there any good websites to look at? i'm a girl, my dress is a strapless yellow dress, i'm wearing hanging diamond earrings and a matching necklace. and my hair is black, a little past my shoulders, straight.

  7. What's your favorite celebrity hairstyle / color?

    I'd like links to everyone's favorite celebrity hairstyle and color? So can everyone say who they think has the best haircut and color and post a link to the picture. If you like the style but not the color, or the color but not the style, say that too.

  8. What are some cute hairstyles to go with black hair?

    My hair is a little past shoulder length. The style looks like this: http://besthaircutstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/christina-milian-celebrity-hairstyles-for-black-women.jpg What are some cute ways I can do my hair? Also, should I get contacts? Icy blue eyes is kind of weird with black hair O.o Also, I didn't dye my hair black, it's just naturally that way.

  9. What are some good hairstyles for thick wavy hair?

    I have an oval face and wavy thick hair that ends at the upper part of my breasts. Can someone give me any suggestions on any celebrities hairstyles that would be best for me? Thanks:)

  10. A website where I can look at various hairstyles?

    I am looking for a website that has a gallery of different hairstyles I can look at. All of the ones I seem to find on a google search only give celebrity hairstyles or galleries from years and years ago with outdated hairstyles. So I am looking for one where I can see tons of different hairstyles...preferably long ones, so I have a picture I could bring to a hairstyles next time I get my hair cut. Thanks.