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Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 Questions Answered!

  1. What are some alternative hairstyles I could try?

    I have just past hip length layered silver hair and it is naturally straight as a dye. I used to have the right side of my head shaved, so basically an undercut, but it's grown out a bit now so it just falls down straight again. Anyway, I've tried putting my hair in a 'bow bun', but it's far too long to do any more, I've tried just leaving it down, but I have side swept bangs that annoy me in terms of leaving it down alot. I want to try a really alternative hairstyle, but I refuse to cut my hair, so any suggestions?

  2. How do I get my hair like this?

    this is how i would like to do it but im not sure how. http://hotwallpaper2013.com/celebrity/selena-gomez-long-hairstyles-2013-hd-wallpaper.html/attachment/selena-gomez-long-hairstyles-2013-hd-wallpaper

  3. What hairstyle does Brian (Paul Walker) have in Fast and Furious?

    What hairstyle/haircut does he have in fast and furious 1 & 2? He has a wavy, thick smooth type hair and I have straight, thick hair trained forward (asian/male). How would I ask a barber to cut my hair like his. I'm still growing it out to be long and as soon as its long enough I'll go from there. Please good answers, thanks!

  4. How much will it cost to ombré dye my hair at great clips?

    I have light brown hair now, and I just want to start from the bottom half of my hair and slowly work to a light blonde.. How much would this cost?

  5. How many grams of hair extensions should I get?

    I have extremely thick course Indian hair. It's about bra strap length now but I want waist length. I'm getting 22 inch extensions. Do you think 300 grams of hair is enough?

  6. How to style hair like this photo?

    http://www.dailymakeover.com/hairstyles/women_celebrity_hairstyles/demi-lovato-april-14-2013/ How would I style my hair like this? Like mousse/gel, curling it? If you have any tips please let me know :)

  7. What are some good tanning supplies for fair skinned people ?

    I'm fair skinned and self consious about it . I need to start tanning but I need something that will work . I'm blonde haired and blue eyed so it won't be easy . I hate it . Please help !

  8. How long does my hair have to be to have a perfessinal apply keratin hot fuision extensions to my hair ?

    I got the "miley cyrus" cut and its been about 3 months since i got it and my hair has grown but i dont want this haircut when i start the 7th grade and ive seen the application of the keratin hot fusion extensions and they look beautiful for length (which is what i want) and a little fullness as well ... Also my hair is very thick and i just want them so bad but my hair is very short ... Can i get some information on how long it has to be ? And some more info on the extension ? PLEASE HELP !

  9. Why are people so opposed to skin lightening but not to tanning?

    They say its impossible for your skin to get lighter naturally which is completely wrong because if you don't go outside your skin doesn't need to produce more and more melanin thus if you stay in 24/7 eventually you will get lighter just like tanning if your outside you get darker. I believe if you want to change your skin tone then do what you want why does everyone always have a problem with someone else's choices?

  10. How to keep from burning while tanning in a tanning bed?

    I'm pretty fair skinned. I burn easily and my arms, chest, and face usually stay a reddish tinted color all year round afterwards. Ive tried tanning beds a couple of times. And i burned once. The second time i got a little color around my stomach and hips (the area girls usually place the stickers) and it stayed tan all year. I can still see where i placed my sticker. So i know i can tan. My arms and legs just seemed to stay white. My arms kept a slight red pigment. I need some tips. Any advice is appreciated