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Medium Hairstyles For Round Faces Questions Answered!

  1. Good medium length hairstyles for round faces?

    I've suffered bad hairstyles all my life. I have a small round face and very thick straight hair. It has plenty of moisture but is prone to splitting and falling flat. It is a burden more than a blessing because I can never style it; hairclips and combs fall prey all too easily. I would like a style that is cute and trendy but at the same time manageable. Any ideas?

  2. What hairstyle looks best on round faces?

    Im 13 and I want to change my hairstyle. I have medium-long hair. I have a round face and I want something that's easy to manage but not less than shoulder length. I want to keep my bangs though. Please Help!

  3. What are good hairstyles for round faces?

    I'm a 13 year old girl and I have a round face. So I was wondering what would be some good hairstyles?

  4. What hairstyle makes round faces look slimmer?

    Right now I have medium to long hair and it's slighty layered with bangs a centimeter below my nose, which is parted to the side. I want to know what the best hairstyle is to make round faces look a lot more slimmer. I'm not into hair that is parted in the middle by the way... Thanks in advance. :)

  5. What are good middle part hairstyles for a round face shape?

    I'm asian, petite, and I'm a brunette/black hair. I've had side bangs and layers for a while and I wanted to change it up a bit. I want a hairstyle that parts down the middle because my bangs are always falling in my face, but I don't know what middle part hairstyles would look cute with a round face.

  6. Whats the best hairstyle for people with round faces?

    I have long hair, about 5 inches under my collarbone. I want some change, my hair is really thick, so I was wondering what are some of the best hairstyles for people with round faces, like should I cut it short or medium length or keep it long? Oh, and if you have any pics of styles, you can add those too! :)

  7. What hairstyles work best for a round face shape?

    I have medium length dark brown hair, and my bangs are always wanting to split in the middle. Does having a middle part complement a round face shape?? I'm totally clueless. Please help :) What looks best on round faces???

  8. What Hairstyle would look good with a round face?

    I have a round face shape. My hair is blonde, thin, stright, and long. Im wanting something like Shakiras in La Tortura but i dont know if thatd look good or not. Pictures would be appreciated thank you.