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Medium Hairstyles For Women Questions Answered!

  1. What's the hot hairstyle for women with short hair for 2009?

    What's the anticipated "hot hairstyle" for 2009 for women with short-medium hair? Any celebrities being noted for their 'hot hairstyles'? Thanks!

  2. What styles are in fashion for this length?

    my hair is around this long, http://www.zimbio.com/Mid+Length+Hairstyles/articles/13/Medium+Length+Hairstyles+Women its the pic with the glasses on. my hair style is the same as that. 4th one down. I want some funky hairstyles to use this summer. its getting a bit boring and i need to jazz it up :) thanks x

  3. What are some popular hairstyles for medium length?

    I have medium length hair and I want to get it cut and colored. I won't go short. Any ideas on cuts or colors?

  4. Can any one tell me what are some good website to view pictures of hairstyles for black women?

    I've tried to google search hairstyles for black women but when I click on the items that are found it's majority white women.

  5. What hairstyles would really compliment a heart-shaped face?

    My face is heart-shaped and I want a new haircut that looks medium sized (about 2 inch. under shoulder about under the collar bone) I can curl it, and/or straighten it. My hair is naturally wavy.

  6. What are some good hairstyles for medium length brown hair it can be either straight or curly?

    I am fed up of having to the same hairstyles. My hair is naturally straight but either straight or curly ideas will do. I would like hairstyles that are cute and make you look younger but grown up at the same time if that makes sense. My hair is quite thin and i have a fringe but no layers. Please help i need new hairstyles for the summer term in school. Thank you :)

  7. Are there any sites with hairstyles for women of color?

    I need a new do, and I can't seem to find any decent sites featuring women of color. Any suggestions?

  8. What kind of hairstyle should I use for homecoming?

    It's THIS Saturday and I am going to be wearing a halter dress. The dress is VERY pink. I have medium length hair that is somewhat thin. I'd love any suggestions! Oh, and I'll need some pictures so I can give them to my hair dresser that day! Thanks so much!