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Mohawk Hairstyle Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. What kind of hairstyles would suit me best?

    I have a square face shape, and long, straight black hair up to the middle of my back. Currently, I have a side fringe but I'd like to switch to a shorter hairstyle. Long hair is pretty hard for me to take care of and the climate in my country is pretty hot. I'd be happy if someone could recommend some short or medium hairstyles with pictures. :)

  2. What do you call the hairstyle when you have know hair on the sides?

    I don't know the name of it, it's like you have hair down the top of your head with bangs, but no hair on the side. If you can provide the name that would be great, but if you could provide a picture that would be even better!

  3. How can I tell my parents about this new hairstyle?

    I'm an almost 16 year old girl and I want to cut my shoulder legth hair into a pixie/mohawk with a #2 buzz on the sides. I know my mom likes my hair neck length short but doesn't want it mich shorter than that. My parents may eventually be okay with the idea of a pixie but definitely not the pixie since last they heard I wanted to grow my hair out. I'm nearly 99%positive that they will be shocked and say no and freak out. I am a good student and I respect their opinions. How hould i bring it upcause it's very sudden and would not be expected of me and we don't talk alot and small things get awkward

  4. What are some good websites with lolita hairstyles and cuts on them?

    I would really love some image links or links to websites with tips and mostly pictures on lolita hairstyles and cuts. I have a general idea but the more the better.

  5. What hairstyle to get for thick curly hair?

    I have long thick curly hair (back of my hair reaches up to that bone behind your neck) and I want to get a haircut. Can someone post some pictures as examples of what I should get? I don't want it too long because I play basketball and it my hair gets in my eyes A LOT, so I would prefer if the hairstyle keeps my hair off my eyes. I don't want a buzzcut or mohawk so don't put that. Thanks! I'm a guy.

  6. can anyone find me some cute pictures of mohawk hairstyles?

    I want like the newer mohawk look, its no so hardcore not so rocker, kind of girly,preppy chic. i am a girl and i am girly i just want a modern edgy mohawk but i dont wanna shave my head. like i said the newer mohawk look.

  7. What do parents think of their kids getting a mohawk?

    My parents wont let me, what do u think of mohawk?

  8. What's the best homecoming hairstyle to go with a wild dress?

    This year I decided to be unique and I chose a leopard print dress with black platform heels. What's the best hairstyle to compliment this? I'd prefer to wear my hair down. Pictures, websites, or directions would be great.