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Emo Hairstyle Games Questions Answered!

  1. In the Nintendo DS game Imagine Fashion Designer I am stuck on the Gothic assignment. I need the answers plz.?

    Can you give me the hairstyle color and which one. Please be as specific as possible.

  2. Why do I keep hearing about this L?

    I'm getting sick of hearing about how awesome and badass he is. I looked him up and he was riddled with anime cliches just a little more bland. Some pencil neck, emo, punk with the same hairstyle as most other manga "guys". Sephiroth is more intimidating than him and I hate Final Fantasy. What is his story?

  3. How do you download sims 2 hair?

    I tryed to download emo hair it is so awsome!but i cant figure out how to do it! when i click on the image of the hair i want,it comes up a screen that says lists of things on the computer,then i click mesh hair and open.then it keeps coming up on the screen!What do i do?please help!?

  4. how do you make scene/emo hair on The Sims 2 Body Shop?

    okay so i have paint, and paint shop pro 9, i need help making emo/scene hair for my sims2, if anyone knows any videos that would be great

  5. Can you help me about "Splinter Cell: Conviction"?

    I saw sam fisher images in internet before releasing "Conviction".he had "Emo" hairstyle, completely different clothes & even in a different place that i had never saw in released "Conviction".is there something that idon't know?

  6. What is a hipster? (filling space)?

    I've been told that the video game series Call of Duty is "hipster", I've also been told that if I want to write a song using theory (ie structured songs) that it would be a hipster song. Please don't give me definitions from online sources such as urban dictionary. What do you consider a hipster to be? So is a hipster similar to the stereotypical college-going hippie/douche?

  7. which sims 2 version can i get emo clothing in?

    plez help geting ready 2 buy the sims game and yet well i want 2 make a emo character plez help!!! <(T.T)> waaaaaaaa

  8. New School give me tips to make friends and enjoy?

    iam going to sixth grade hole new place just moved from other place thanks a lot!

  9. Ladies...choose..a guy..........?

    1.Handsome...olive skinned....brown eyes..great jawline...very masculine....great dark hair...cheekbones.....tall..not very muscular ..average.he is confident...successful...but he is full of himself..he knows he is good looking..he goes from gurl to gurl.. 2.Guy with average looks...white..dark hair....he isnt in great shape but he isnt fat either..an average joe..has a great personality..caring....but he is often lazy...he wont do anything great in life..because he has no ambition..he also lacks confidence 3.Guy with a not so attractive face..dark skin.. he is tall..muscular..in great shape...an artist..he sings/dances good...acts like a gentleman makes great romantic gestures but ..he has loyalty issues.means..he likes to SHARE his love with more gurls.. 4.Cute boy...blond..pretty eyes..long eyelashes...pale skin...blue-green eyes...more of a boyish look...skinny...shorter than you...funny..never boring to be with him..but he is player...and sometimes he can be a jerk 5.Asian guy..with decent looks..he is smart(no stereotype here)...caring....but he is very shy and its hard for him to express himself..kind of nerdy...skinny ...in decent shape...emo hairstyle..a gamer 6.he has a foreign accent....he has dark green eyes..tanned....wavy dark hair...he is a romantic by nature...but..he has trust issues...he has been hurt before by a gurl he trusted to much...so..he has been out of the game..... calm...gentle person....average height..and build.. ...so...which one do u pick? PS:im one of them...

  10. New hairstyle, is it possible?

    hey people!! Ok, so i'm getting sick and tierd of my hair lately, and i have been craving a change, and more precisely, the 'Emo Hairstyle' Example? http://www.google.com.hk/imgres?q=emo+hairstyles+for+girls&newwindow=1&safe=strict&sa=G&biw=1267&bih=597&tbm=isch&tbnid=lZpfxPW7PioAzM:&imgrefurl=http://www.zimbio.com/Emo%2BHairstyles/articles/CXYSK0rKBBH/Scene%2Bhaircuts%2Bgirls%2Blong%2Bhair&docid=pAuUOk1WQuE-hM&imgurl=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zpt-jVtyjCA/Tf2tOxUXFEI/AAAAAAAAB-U/bzOwVS3F5Io/s1600/scene%252Bhaircuts%252Bfor%252Bgirls%252Bwith%252Blong%252Bhair%252B1.png&w=400&h=533&ei=yJtuUdL2HMSmlAW0woCoBQ&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=1546&page=1&tbnh=186&tbnw=139&start=0&ndsp=16&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0&tx=97&ty=252 BUT, the problem is that my hair looks like this; http://www.flickr.com/photos/92546981@N04/8658080672/in/photostream So brings me to my question, Is this transformation possible? Would my hair be able to cooperate or is this impossible? Just wondering if it's the way that you cut it, or if people just have their hair that can do it :) Thank a lot!! Best answer gets 10 points and i will answer one of their questions :)