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Braided Mohawk Hairstyle Questions Answered!

  1. Is there such thing as getting braids with bangs?

    I'm an African American girl ad I get my hair braided a lot. I normally get the same kid of braids or something similar. But this time I wanted to try something different. I wanted to know if braids can be made to look like bangs? Like my hair is braided and there's a sidesweep bang or something? Or maybe braided Mohawk hairstyles? Pictures would e nice so my hairdresser has something to go off of.

  2. Where are some pictures of braided mohawks?

    I'm trying to get a new hairstyle, so I need some pics to guide me through it. I want a braided mohawk.

  3. Does anyone know any funky mohawk hairstyles?

    I have a photoshoot in two weeks and I need a funky mohawk hairstyle. Something with conbraids on each side. Can someone send me some pictures or sights that I can find some? Thanks! Best one gets 10 point!

  4. How can I keep my hairstyle to stay overnight ?

    Im thinking of doing a braided Mohawk for tomorrow but Im wondering if it will stay overnight.

  5. How long does hair have to be to get braided?

    I'm a guy, and I want the sides of my hair braided for a braided mohawk. Something like this: http://www.justenjusten.com/search/label/Hairstyles?updated-max=2010-02-15T23%3A44%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=20 My hair is really curly and thick. Do I have to grow it out long? Or is just an inch enough? I just want it braided along the sides.

  6. Can a white girl get african hairstyles?

    I really like african hairstyles I have dark brown curly hair and would like to get it styled. Ive gotten it crimped before at a african hair shop, but I was wondering about micro braids with weave, twisties to a mohawk or some other cute african hairstyles?

  7. What should my next hairstyle be?

    My hair is natural, I have really thick hair, I don't wanna relax it or anything. Right now I have in a braided Mohawk, which is nice, but I want another updo that will be cool in braids, what should I do next?

  8. What are quick, cute hairstyles for a girl with long blond hair?

    I have long hair that just reaches my mid-stomach; no bangs. My hair is blond, with a slight wave to it. All I do is wear it straight or in a ponytail, and I have gotten tired of this. Do you guys have any suggestions? Please, oh please, nothing outrageous, like Mohawks.

  9. I am getting Corn Rows on the sides of my head to create a mohawk, and instead of using rubber bands to secure?

    it and getting that pony tail affect, what could i use to secure the braids with out getting that? Would an extention clamp work?

  10. What are some good rocker hairstyles?

    I would gladly use a mohawk but theyre not allowed in my school so anyone got any suggestions? I don't wanna look bald cuz then i'll look ghetto-ish.