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Fun Hairstyle Games Questions Answered!

  1. Will another sims 2 expansion pack make the game slower and what exspansion pack should I get?

    Hi I have two questions about sims 2 1. I already have the seasons expansion pack installed. My laptop is a MacBook (mac os x) and am wondering if I install another expansion pack will it be a lot slower and will the graphics get worse? 2. If I get another pack should it be university, family fun stuff, or glamour life stuff? Thanks

  2. Anyone know a fun site where you can upload your picture and give yourself a makeover?

    i was wondering cuz ive tried taaz and that was fun and stuff but i wanna try a new one. i dont wanna pay any money thanks!

  3. What are some great books for a tween who reads teenage books?

    She loves reading books like Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Everlost, and anything like that? She hates twilight!

  4. What are some good books for a middle school girl?

    I like a wide variety of books. I don't really like sci-fi. Here are some books I've liked: Pretty Little Liars (series) Lying Game (series) Twilight Saga (series) Twenty Boy Summer Blackthorn Winter Maximum Ride (series) That's just a couple I've really liked. If there are any that are somewhat like those or maybe by the same author, I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

  5. How can you customize your character to begin with in the game "Fable: The Lost Chapters"?

    I'm considering whether or not to buy this game. What sorts of things can you customize about your character from the start--gender, hair color/style, outfit, body type, species, etc.?