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Hairstyle Games Make Up Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good design game for the wii for a 6 year old girl?

    My daughter could play on the Mii channel on the Wii all day long creating new characters. She also really likes the Hannah Montana game, but she really enjoys just shopping & creating new outfits & hairstyles on that game. I would really like to buy her a game similar to that for her, she will be 6 in December. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!! I'm really looking for a design game, like designing clothing, make up & hairstyles.

  2. Is their any cheats for sims3 to get more hairstyles?

    I have sims 3 and i lost my code for it. so I cant download any hairstyles, is their any cheat codes that I can get more hairstyles for my game?

  3. Does anyone know a Hair cheat for the sims 2 Pets on PS2?

    I need a cheat that will get me a little bit more hairstyles. The game is The Sims 2 Pets on Playstation 2. =) thanks.

  4. How do i download a new hairstyle for an existing sim on Sims 2?

    I have downloaded many hairstyles already for The Sims 2, but how do i apply a downloaded hairstyle onto a sim that i have already created? I have tried using the mirror to change it's appearance, but for some reason none of the hairstyles i downloaded appear in the custom hair section? Does anybody how to do this, without having to create a new family?

  5. How do I get my pet society vacation items onto the actual game?

    I play on my ipad and ive noticed people have the same hairstyles on the computer game, as the ones on vacation, Is there a button i have to press to stream the items? If it works, will my PFC on pet society vacation go to my facebook game?

  6. What games should i play at my 13th birthday party?

    My birthday party is this sunday. It says it may not rain, but I'm not sure, anyways. About 10 girls are coming and 1 boy (about 6 years old). So i dont know what games to play. I want games that everybody can play but that are really fun i know musical chairs nad freeze dance and all that, but i want some really fun games that nobody has really played. Please I need help because i have no ideas. Thanks links are accepted.

  7. How do you download stuff from the sims websites to your game?

    How do you download stuff from modthesims.com such as clothes and hairstyles to your game? i have no idea how can someone give me a step by step guide or just tell me how? Thanks a lot

  8. What Boys hairstyle helps make their face look wider?

    My face is long and narrow, eegh. I hate it I was hoping someone knew any hairstyle that would make the face seem wider or any way I can make my face grow wider? Any suggestions?

  9. How should I wear my hair for soccer game?

    What kind of hairstyle should I wear? And what kind of makeup? I want to look cute but not over the top. My uniform is bright yellow and bright navy blue or just bright blue? Anything that I can match it and look cute?