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Barbie Hairstyle Games Questions Answered!

  1. Is there any virtual hair cutting games that will actually let me cut it how ever I want?

    is there any virtual haircutting games or simulations on the web that will actually alow me to use the scissors and make the hair look how I would like?

  2. What is a website that is fun for a ten year old girl?

    I want a website that i can get addicted to that is NOT, facebook, twitter, barbie, beacon street girls, webkinz, neopets, club penguin, nick, stardoll, everything girl, yahoo answers, google, disney channel, bebo, or yahoo. No gaming websites.

  3. Help with setting up a business?

    Hello I am a 17 year old female studying A-levels and wanting to start up my own business. This would be called 'Be Barbee Beautiful' and would consist of me dressed up as 'Barbee' (Barbie) going to childrens birthday party and pampering the children. They would recieve their finger and toe nails painted, a mini makeover, a new hairstyle, a game of pass the parcel and a certificate to say they are an official Barbee girl! Iam chargine prices from £5 a child with a minimum of 5 children. Is there anything I need to do legally before I set up this and does anyone have any tips? Thanks! :)

  4. Where can I find a game like this?

    Where can I find a game where I can upload a picture of myself and make different hairstyles and makeup?

  5. does anyone have anyone have any barbie game ideas?

    my sister and i love to play barbies, but we cant think of any ideas we are bored out of our minds! please give us an idea were desperate!

  6. could anyone plz suggest any attention grabbing titles plzzzzzzz?

    i need a really really good title for my persuasive speech about media violence on teens .......(if u need to read it some of its as below..i couldnt copy all of it sorry:( )thnx Have you ever noticed on how much your growing life is being influenced by electronic media? I bet that that none in this room probably can survive a day without TV shows, games, movies or music. Good afternoon/evening, today I am going to talk about the influences and effects of media upon us. According to research by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) “A Child or teenager is influenced or inspired by media every minute around the globe.” You want to imitate an action sequence just because your favorite action hero looked 'cool' doing it. You want to wear the shade of nail polish Lady Gaga wears for that frantic gaga look. You want to sport your favorite actors' hairstyles and you want to walk like those ramp models do. You want to do everything that people from the glamor world do; you want to be like your favorite celebrity. Even you want to be in the news. Any publicity is good publicity, you begin to feel. Your role models are people and characters that the media exposes you to. You want to be someone, but not yourself! And now you say media does not influence you! Oh come on, it surely does! Electronic media does affect the way in which masses think, act & react. It influences your behavior both positively and negatively. The positive effects are surely celebrated by one and all. But the negative effects are not conducive to a healthy society. Here, we will try to understand how media influences us negatively and what should be done to improve the current scenario. There are many kinds of influences or effects media has upon us and today I will go deeper into all of them, they include blind imitation, negativity, unhealthy lifestyle, media addiction, self-hatred,fact fantasy confusion and right or wrong dilemma. A.Blind Imitation: It is often seen that young girls and boys try to imitate their role models from the glamor industry without giving a thought to whether they are doing right or wrong? The impact of media is such that the wrong, the controversial, the bad is more talked about. Media highlights controversies and scandals in the lives of celebrities. The masses fall for this being-in-the-news and end up imitating celebrities without much thought. Women with petite bodies and girls with a Barbie figure are always shown to be more popular or attractive while the overweight are portrayed as less popular, having less friends and being bullied. This leads to a notion that thin is sexy and fat is not. When this thought grips the minds of youngsters, they take to fad diets or turn to cosmetic surgeries to get that so-called perfect body. To get rid of a big nose or to get those big pouty lips, teenagers are ready to even go under the knife. B.Negativity: Similarly to some extent, media is responsible for generating negative feelings among those exposed to it. An early exposure to bold or violent films, books publishing adult content and news portraying ugly social practices have a deep impact on young minds. If children are blasted with fight sequences, stunt work, and rape scenes, suicides and murders through books or movies, they are bound to leave a scar on these impressionable minds and not just children, the unpleasant can impact even an adult's mind. Adults may have the maturity to distinguish between the good and the bad, but confronting only the bad can affect anyone at least at the subconscious level. Haven't you had experiences of a bad dream after watching a violent movie? Or of imagining something scary happening to you after watching a horror film? Or a sudden fear gripping your mind after reading about a murder in your city? The reality should be depicted but not so gaudily that it'll have a lasting impact on people's minds. D.Fact Fantasy Confusion: Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts - where did they come from? Fairies, superheroes, angels - where did they come from? It's not only media to be blamed, as these characters belong to folklore. But media did play a role in propagating these characters and making them seem real. any suggestions will be helpful:)

  7. whre can i download free makeover games?

    needs to be:free. that has makeovers hairstyles and much more!

  8. Sims 2 Double Deluxe for a 12yo?

    How appropriate is the Sims 2 Double Deluxe game for a 12 year old girl? The "Teen" rating says Crude Humor, Sexual Themes and Violence. How much of this stuff and what kind of it is in the game? And what is censored?