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Hairstyle Games For Kids Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good games, food and hairstyles to make and do at a sleepover girls night in party?

    My friend and i are putting together a sleepover girls night in party with are friends in a few weeks and need some ideas to make that a great party. We are all over 21 years old and a few people are mormon who are going to be there that night. Need a list of games, food and sleepover hairstyles. For the hairstyles links of youtube videos on them, We all short, medium and long hair. For food main dishes, snacks and desserts. Thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

  2. What are some really good books for 13 year old girls?

    Ive read the hunger games, twilight, uglies- I need a new book! Please Help! i really don't want to read percy Jackson or any more scott westerfeld books!

  3. How can I get the scene hair look for today?

    Today I am going to a football game, and I decided I wanted to straighten my hair. I wanted kinda a scene look for my hair. I am a scene kid, but whenever I try to have my hair in that hairstyle, it never works! My hair isn't layered, but my friends can do it with their hair, and get the good look. How can I get this look without layers?

  4. Who else is incredibly bored with the Sims 3?

    I'm over this game already. The hairstyles are ridiculous, the interactions are so stupid. And what's with the babies? There are hardly any interactions with babies and toddlers. You can't bathe them or change their diapers. Who doesn't bathe their kids? And the expansion packs? What a joke! I miss seasons, pets, the stuff packs, etc.. And why won't Sims creators make a Baby Stuff expansion pack? I know the baby issues have been a topic on every Sims forum EVER but they just refuse to do anything about it. Who else agrees with me?

  5. Questions to ask your child each year for a school memory book or scrapbook?

    I want to make my own school scrapbook for my kids and I want to write their answers to a few questions each year, like, what do you want to be when you grow up and who your friends are, your favorite subject. I know I have seen books like this but I cant remember the questions they ask. Thanks

  6. As ite where you can dress up avatars like the yahoo avatars and stuff?

    Okay so I like to make avatars and things. Like the yahoo avatar or IMVU avatar where you can chose the hairstyle and clothes and shoes and jewlery and everything like that. Almost making/decorating rooms with stuff. A site where you can use the avatar along with making it and everything would be awesome. If anyone can help it'll be highly appriciated

  7. How can I grow a beard faster at 14?

    Hello, I'm trying to grow a beard to go well with my hairstyle. I can grow a decently thick moustache, and some hair below my mouth. I can't manage to grow a full beard, or a chin curtain. (I don't want it to be long, just short.) Before you tell me that it won't look good since I'm so young, I have to tell that I do not look very young. Putting my height into game as well, people often tell me that I look like a 16-17 year old. I have some small white-ish hairs on my chins but that's about it. Should I shave it? I heard that it would grow thicker and faster if I did. One more thing, it's not genetics which is stopping me from growing a beard, my dad has to shave once a day to keep his beard from growing. Are there natural ways to grow a beard early? Do I just have to wait? If so, what's your estimate? Thanks.

  8. How do my looks reflect on my personality and how do I look?

    I'm a nerd/geek/gamer , but I ain't like a typical nerd, I'm quite high "ranked" in my school, I chill with the popular kids as well as the nerds and geeks, i'm not a very violent person but I do get pissed off easily if i'm not in the mood, I'm going for best looks award but how do I look? What can I do to improve my look? Different glasses frames, hairstyles etc etc Meh! http://postimg.org/image/skqutn159/

  9. How does that game w/the nylon "parachute" with a hole in the middle go? It is......?

    It's a game you play with a group of preschool children. I forgot how it goes though. It has something to do with pretending the parachute is being blown by the wind when the kids move it. You say the phrases "Now a calm wind", "strong wind". It's the details that I'm looking for, like exactly what you say and when. Thanks in advance.

  10. What are some dress up or makeover websites that aren't childish?

    Yes. I realize it's weird I play makeover games, but I have nothing better to do. It makes me mad how they're all childish though. Is there any that's for older kids? Or more mature?