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Online Hairstyle Games Questions Answered!

  1. What Are Good Online Games To Play When Your Bored?

    i Wanna know some online games other than girlsgogames, runescape, ourworld, woozworld, and maid marian to play when im bored ...................Can Someone please help?

  2. What are some fun online computer beauty games?

    I am so bored and I want to find some beauty games. You know, hairdressing games, stuff like that.

  3. Any free online programs for previewing a new hairstyle of men?

    I am trying to convince my husband to try a new hairstyle and dye his hair to get rid of the gray but leave some gray at the temples. I thought if I could show him how it looked he might actually try it.

  4. How do you use online downloads in the sims 3?

    I downloaded clothing and hairstyles for the sims 3 online and I could not figure out how to use them in the game, unless I downloaded them on the actual sims 3 website.

  5. Are there any virtual online hairstyle websites?

    I am looking for a free website where you can upload a photo of yourself and see what you would look like with different hair styles/colours. Any good recommendations?

  6. What special b day present would you get an 11 year old girl?

    Please DON'T SAY makeup body lotions or any stuff that has to do with pretty pampering she's Tom boy-Ish but has her girly sides she likes games having fun her friends arty things she doesn't want a tv computer or sterio she says she doesn't need those things and we need something VERY special this year any ideas?

  7. where do I find clothes and hairstyles for sims online?

    where do I find clothes and hairstyles for sims online, and download thim to my sims 2 game?

  8. What cheat do you use on the game sims 2 do get so many hairstyles and clothes. Please help me?

    Well every time i go on youtube all the sim people have totally different hairstyles than what you get with the original game. All i want to know what do i do?

  9. Dragon's Dogma: How do I equip my DLC weapons in the game?

    I just purchased DLC hairstyles and armor set, and weapon pack but when I started the game I can't seem to find them?? I play online. And I even went to the inn to rest but still nothing in my inventories.

  10. How do you get costom downloads onto your Sims 2 game?

    I have a dell computer and I have done it before in the past I just dont really remember how to get like costom hairstyles and clothes from the internet onto my game on my computer. Can anyone help!?? whoops I spelled it wrong I know.