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Free Hairstyle Games Questions Answered!

  1. How Do You Download Free Hairstyles For The Sims 3 Using Peggyzone ?

    How do you download these free hairstyles using peggyzone step by step and where do you find the downloaded hairstyles when playing the sims 3 game ? Please and Thank You (: Btw , My Cpu Is Windows Vista

  2. when we download new hairstyles for the sims 3 how does winzip work?

    i found a cool site for FREE hairstyles but it doesnt automatically go to the sims 3 download launcher. it goes into winzip how do i do it.

  3. where can i download easy and free Hairstyles for the pc game, the sims 3?

    i've already tried the sims resource and the sims official site thing. any others that are good? i found some other websites but i dont know exactly how to get them into my gamee.. i have an imac btw. what are some good websites that let you download good/cute free hair for the sims 3?

  4. How can I get free furniture, clothes and hairstyles on playstation home?

    I get the free clothes from some shops like threads but they are not the nicest clothes and I have barley anything in my apartment so I would like to fill some of it up. I am not up to going onto websites and putting in my phone number which people say it works because the money that goes onto your account might go onto your phone bill.. thanks:)

  5. How can I get different hairstyles and clothes on sims 3?

    Can you get different hairstyles and clothes on sims 3 like you could on sims 2? how?

  6. How to get downloadable free stuff for Sims 2 Deluxe on PC?

    I just found this game from like 3 years ago, and I just want to know if and how I can get new free stuff for the game? Like clothes, houses, and hairstyles and stuff.

  7. Where can I find a free application to make cartoon faces?

    I don't want to change a photo to a cartoon, I want a database of hairstyles, eyes, noses etc so I can create cartoon faces for Mac. Like the stuff you get on computer games for avatars. Preferably free, or just cheap. Any help much appreciated!

  8. Where can I download The Sims 2 hairstyles?

    I want a website where I can download hairstyles for free.I have been on Mod The sims 2 and for some reason it dosn't work.

  9. How do i download hairstyles for the Sims 2?

    i bought my sims 2 , without any expansion packs. i tried to download hairstyles but its not working even though i have downloaded the mesh and put it in the right folder. can anyone help ? and do i have to have an expansion pack to download hair ?

  10. How do you make custom content for your Sims 2 game?

    I have ALL the Expansion packs EXCEPT Bon Voyage & Aparement Life and NO Stuff Packages. How do you make custom content like hairstyles and clothing?