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Korean Hairstyle For Ladies Questions Answered!

  1. what are the coolest hairstyles for guys?

    my hair is getting so long, but whenever it comes for me to get a haircut i always put it off because i can't decide what style to get. my hair is quite thick and it is medium to dark brown. so i am going to go to a proper salon and get it styled and everything like that and i was wondering what the ladies recommend and are into? so yea, i am basically asking what the chicks are into.. :) thanks. :)

  2. Is there a way to get my poofy, afro-like hair straight?

    Hi! :) I just want to say thanks for visiting my question page, before I ask my question. C: My hair is really… poofy, has small curls, and is a bit weak. I’m a African american/Korean mix, and I want to get this big puff ball tamed so I can have a new look for this year. :) I’m looking for some way to get my hair pin straight, or close to it. Right now my hair looks like this lady’s hair when it’s not straightened:: http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j286/ExpatJane/smileys/July 2007/bombhead_monsters_hair_works_084025.jpg But I’d like to get like this woman’s hair, or atleast close to it:: http://www.kissuk.com/style/hairstyles/7303/2.jpg I’ve tried perms, and almost everything of the like, and it only resulted in damaging my hair further then it already was.. So I had to get about.. 3 to 4 inches of my hair cut off, and now it only reaches a little bit past my chin. I’m searching for a few products, hair straighteners, and anything similar that could possibly help get my hair straight. If this is helpful, I am currently straightening my hair with a Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Hair Straightener, and I believe it’s a 1 inch? I’ve heard that thinner straightening irons are better, since you can straighten up to the root.. Is that true? Uhhhmm.. I think that’s it! Thanks for your time, and answers! ((By the way, please don’t say something like ‘Use a straightening iron’, because I already am using one. :D))

  3. Ladies what do you think?

    That do you think about Korean hairstyle for men? Long hair....you know from like Korean Dramas....if you dont know...look up Korean Drama on yahoo images...hehe Long hair styles better or Short better? But overall do women prefer short hair on men?

  4. What should I wear for senior pictures? (Girl)?

    Ok so I have dirty blonde, straight hair that's medium length and blue eyes. I'm pretty tall and have light skin. Also i wear navy blue glasses and will be wearing them for the shoot. My photo sessions for senior pics will be inside (the studio) and outside (flower garden/farm) with two outfits. Traditionally, I don't wear tanks and thin straps for casual dresses so I prefer something short (or long) sleeves. I think I want to wear a dress as one outfit and pants for the other. Bonus if you include hair, makeup, shoes, and the yearbook photo's outfit. Also, paint nails or no?

  5. Back to school clothes HELP 10 POINTS <3?

    So my new school says we cants wear shorts unless they past our fingertips,no muscle tees,tanktops (they have to be 3 fingers for straps) & Nothing baring skin on girls midriff.What are some cute clothing ideas i can wear to school on the first? & hair ideas. My hair is a bit wavy up to the middle of my back & im 5ft & thin

  6. volume for hair???????????

    (sorry for all the question marks, i needed to have "at least 20 characters in my question" i have really annoying hair, its really flat on the top, and then kind of tangly and thick after... the top half of my hair is straightish, but then it has this really ugly wave at the bottom. it doesn't even straighten out when i use the straightner. the hair lady did my hair all weird and my right side theres this lone slab layer of hair dangling five inches above my other layers at the bottom. and my left side doesnt have any layers at all. addition to this question, do you know of any cute layered(not crazily) korean hairstyles? thanks :)

  7. Cool Hairstyles for me (ladies only)?

    i have nautrally black rough/dry hair so currently i have a bush on my head and i want to have a cool new hairstyle my face is round and i have a big ears what would be a good hairstyle for me and i dont like the size of my ears so what would be a good hairstyle without bringing out the size of my ears? IM A GUY AND IM NOT EMO IM PREP

  8. Should I get my hair done at an asian salon . . . ?

    The hair cut I want is asian . It's a Japanese hairstyle , and I am mostly white , should I go to an asian hair salon for it ? I'm kind of worred that if I don't , it might get messed up .

  9. Can anyone translate this into English or tell me how to recreate this style? I thinks it's in Japanese. x?

    or korean? x thank you x PICTURE http://cutie.sushi-cat.net/scans/ladys_hairstyles_3_33.jpg

  10. Best/Recommended hair salon/stylist in Auckland - New Zealand

    Preferably able to cut asian hair / asian themself. Unless they are really good that it wouldn't matter. Thanks.