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Korean Hairstyle For Girls Questions Answered!

  1. Do white girls prefer asian guys to have long or short hair?

    My standards of long hair are something like the skater haircut or typical korean hairstyle, where the hair almost covers the ears. For short hair, perhaps something like that of Jet Li's. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question (: Appreciate it!

  2. What good hairstyle would be best with a middle school asian girl with bangs?

    i want a korean kind of cut thats teased a little bit.my hair isn't short nor long.it's about 4 inches over me shoulders with a lot of layers already.any links to pics?

  3. How do I style my hair to look like this?

    http://just-us-girls.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/korean_hairstyle_with_wavy_and_layered_hair_and_long_side_layered_bang.jpg I have this hair cut, I just need to know how to style it.

  4. In desperate need of a new good book to read?

    I really love mean girls/ romance types of books but lately I haven't been able to find a good book and it's making me mad because I realllly want to read a book that I can fall in love with. Can you guys please leave book recommendations down below? The book doesn't have to be about mean girls/romance it just has to be anything well written and all around fabulous.

  5. What are some good books for teen girls?

    Im a 13 yrs old girl and i LOVE to read. I dont like books like Twilight or Harry Potter. I also hate The Hunger Games. I loved A Charmed Life Novel, Holly's Heart, A Match Made in High School, and Past Perfect. I would prefer books with no cursing or sex. Thanks so much! P.S. I love to read books about teen girls and their life

  6. What do girls prefer for male hairstyles?

    I'm a mix of Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, and Malaysian. Many males from these countries tend to spike up their hair in very intricate ways. I was just wondering, do girls like the colloquially speaking "asian spiky hair"? If I get a positive response, I shall attempt to do that. By the way, I have a rather thin, oval facial structure. 17 years young.

  7. What are some teen or young adult books to read?

    What are some realistic books for teens? Please no suggesting like Twilight or the Hunger Games. Please like realistic books for girls, please no vampires or sci/fi books and please make the book something like appropriate for school or no dirty things in it. Thanks! :)