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Korean Hairstyle Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. What kind of korean hairstyle fits a round face shape?

    Can you guys give me pictures of Korean male hairstyles that fits a round face shape? and Tips on how can I make my face thinner with the hairstyle.

  2. Does anyone know a good website for a large selection of female hairstyle pictures?

    Preferably with alternative and Korean hairstyles. my friend wants to find a new style! :D

  3. What is the best "korean hairstyle for a female with oval face?

    I am very much interested in having a new haircut but I am having difficulty looking for a picture from which the stylist can copy. Can anyone recommend a site with a photo gallery of female korean hairsyles for long or medium length hair? Most of the korean women have side swept bangs, do you think this will be okay on an oval face?

  4. Can someone give me pictures of korean rapper hairstyle?

    Someone please give me korean rapper or hiphop hairstyle because I'm going to change my hair today otr tomarrow and i don't now what to change to.

  5. I want an asian hairstyle, how do i tell my barber?

    I want an asian hairstyle. I wanted something like korean but my barber is vietnamese. I dont know how to tell my barber. Do i just say I want a korean hairstyle. or do i tell him something specific? Or should I just go to a Korean barber? Or can i show any barber a picture and can they just copy it?

  6. Asian hairstyles or other trendy cuts for guys?

    I have a more wavy hair type with a lot volume to it. I would like to get a cut with longer sides but not too long in the back or front. Something Korean probably or Japanese. Anyone have any pictures i could use for reference or what i should tell my hairdresser? Im asian :P on a side note anyone have any color suggestions too? I have black hair with very light redish brown highlights currently. Thanks a lot!

  7. How do i make my hair look korean?

    Im really into kpop and i was wondering how I can achieve a casual-looking hairstyle such as those of SHINee or EXO-K. I have wavy,thick, short black hair, and I'm a 14 year old boy.. I'm looking for a style that doesn't require long hair or irritating bangs or anything like that. Thanks :)