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Korean Hairstyle For Men Questions Answered!

  1. How much is a haircut at Chinatown las Vegas?

    How much is a korean hairstyle haircut in Chinatown las vegas for men?

  2. Can I get some suggestions for Asian hairstyles for men with a heart-shaped face?

    My face is widest at the cheekbones and forehead, and I have a narrow, somewhat pointed chin. Can I get some suggestions for fashionable Asian hairstyles suitable for me? Links and pictures are greatly welcomed too! Btw, I am 20 years old, if that helps.

  3. How to look like a Korean man?

    Do they put make-ups on? What kinds of clothing do they wear? Hairstyle and color, skin care, every single details from head to toe please. Thank you so much guys.

  4. What is the name of the song in the video "How to acheive a Korean Inspired Hairstyle: For men" by bubzbeauty?

    the beginning song i really like it and i want to know ;D

  5. Can a Japanese person tell Japanese,Chinese and Korean apart?

    I don't mean to offend anyone. But I was just wondering if Japanese people can tell Japanese,Korean and Chinese person apart. Especially from their facial features. For example,I am Indian, but I can't tell Indian,Pakistani,Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan apart just from their facial features. I don't mean to offend anyone,I am just curious.

  6. What is the Current Fashion Trend for young Chinese Men?

    what brands? what clothes are "in" right now? what kind of hairstyles? what type of accessories?

  7. Why does most Asian men have a cool hairstyle but not American men?

    I was just wondering. I mean just look at them (especially the Chinese, Japanese and the KOreans) they have cool hairstyles and I have to admit, they do look just like one of those characters in an anime. While I haven't even seen an American walking out with that hairstyle. Why is that? just wondering.... :D i mean i'm talking about the style, not that part. LOL.

  8. How to grow your hair?

    Hey guys, I never had a long hair/hairstyle before so I'm starting to grow it out. My current hair length (not me in pic, but it's that long right now and thicker.): http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-8kyh805B3k8/TkyrYeoWqFI/AAAAAAAABnY/nKpg_6jcx5w/s1600/korean_male_hairstyle_pictures_korean+hairstyle+men+photos.jpg My goal: 1. http://www.top-dating-coach.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/long-hairstyles-for-men-7-1024x768.jpg 2. http://menhairstylestre.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Black-Medium-Length-Hairstyles-for-Men.jpg My question is....when should I visit the barbershop/salon to get trims and to thin it out (cuz my hair is SO THICK!) or should I just let it grow till it reaches my desired hair length?

  9. Where is a good Japanese Salon in Toronto where I can get the perfect Digital Perm?

    Hi. i Live in toronto, Ontario and i just got a horrible perm! The korean man said it was supposed to be a digital perm but he was wrong. I want to know a better, preferably Japanese, salon where i can get a digital perm? Does anyone know of any? Thanks!

  10. How to dress rock when working at a formal company?

    Rock is who I am and in my social life my clothing reflects it. I just graduated college and am an engineer. I like having my personal style but its hard when I'm expected to dress formal. I usually wear slacks and a long sleave button down shirt (except friday). What can I do or wear to reflect who I am but still look professional?