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Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Questions Answered!

  1. What Tips or Home Products/Remedies can i use to help my hair grow faster by January?

    I want to get my hair to grow faster by January because i want to have a really nice hairstyle for long hair that i have planned to by that time for a family member's wedding. Any cheap products, good actual working tips, or homemade remedies/products are fine :)

  2. How can i speed up the growing process of my hair naturally?

    My uncles wedding is soon and i am a bridesmaid... The hairstyle i want requires very long hair and i want to speed up the growing length of my hair as much as possible NATURALLY. My hair is thick as thick gets so ya....

  3. What hairstyle should I do with a deep v neck ,with belt draped long evening dress?

    My dress color is mint, I'm going to an indoor night wedding . My dress is long it kinda has alike a Greek style to it. And I have both a deep v neck in the front and back of the dress. I need help with a hairstyle and accessories please! I have long hair , and I'm a small pear shaped girl. What do you guys suggest?

  4. What are some simple hairstyles for long hair?

    I want a style that isnt the plain curl, straighten, ponytail, bun thing. I want something a little more sophisticated and pretty but at the same time easy to do in the morning. I have medium long hair about the the center of my back and a rounder face shape. :)

  5. How should I do my hair for a wedding this Saturday?

    I'm attending a wedding a need advice on how my hair should be done. I'm wearing a canary yellow strapless dress and black peep toe shoes. I have medium - long hair. Please give me any advice you have, and any links on how to do them would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  6. What are some cute hairstyles for short hair?

    I don't mean cuts. With long hair you can braid it, put it in a bun, braided pig tails, french braid, pretty much anything. Is there anything other than boring old headbands and just leaving it down for girls with short hair!? The only answer I can find for this are suggestions for different hairCUTS, which I don't want to do at all.

  7. How should I wear my hair tonight?

    I have waist long hair and I want to wear it up tonight for a costume party - I need a more sophisticated look than loose hair can provide. I usually wear it in a bun secured with a decorative hairpin for such occaisions, but I'd like to do something different. What would you recommend?

  8. How are you going to wear your hair for your wedding?

    What kind of hairstyle/hair decoration will you have for your wedding? I'm hoping to wear flowers through my hair to fit in with our garden/Island theme, I have medium-long hair, any suggestions for hairdo's to incorporate this?

  9. Where can I find a good site to look up prom hairstyles?

    I'm looking for a good picture of half-updos for long hair, prom or wedding style, doesn't matter. I don't want any weird styles I just want a traditional, curls and whirls, kinda thing, but I can't seem to find any good pictures. Help please?