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Pictures Of Wedding Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know of a good website with pictures of wedding day hairstyles?

    I am getting married in October and need pictures to show my stylist. I know I want a half up look, maybe with french braids or twists. THANKS

  2. Does anyone know any good wedding hairstyles?

    I am looking for a hairstyle with curls. I dont want an updo, something with loose curls, any good tips?

  3. What is the name or does anyone have pictures of the hair style Jessica Alba ROCKED in Fantastic 4?

    Raise of the silver surfer. The wedding hairstyle. Please, it's for my wedding in December! Thanks

  4. What are some ideas for a wedding hairstyle for someone with long very straight hair?

    I am in a wedding in about a month and need some ideas for hairstyles. I like very simple styles, yet still classy and pretty. I was thinking of pulling it back low, but am unsure what to do from there. My hair is VERY difficult to curl and doesn't hold curl well at all. Anyone have any pictures of ideas???

  5. I would like to have pictures of Asian wedding hairstyles for my wedding.?

    My wedding is coming up very quickly and I need to pick a couple of hair styles, but out of the ones I know I haven't found one that I liked. I would like pictures of only Asian hair styles or hair styles with an Asian theme please. I am a female with long hair about halfway down my back. I would like pictures that I can get a front, back and side view as well and any that might have chopsticks as well please.

  6. Would you get bangs just for your wedding hairstyle?

    I am trying to pick how to wear my hair and most of the ones I like have bangs, while I do not. I had them for years but just got sick of keeping them up. It seems really foolish to get them cut just for a hairstyle but I don't know maybe it is normal.

  7. How should I do my hair for my sisters wedding?

    I have long straight like brown hair, any ideas?! Pictures would help! The wedding is this Saturday and is supposed to be somewhat hot.